MoodleNet – Working together to strengthen education: The Moodle Podcast talks to Paul Hodgson

February 9, 2022 By Abby Fry

Learn about MoodleNet and its role in strengthening education and the open education movement. In conversation with Abby Fry, MoodleNet Product Manager Paul Hodgson, explains the development and vision of MoodleNet – Moodle’s new social network designed to help teachers collect, curate and share open educational resources.

“At its core MoodleNet recognised that teachers need to be empowered globally.  There are teachers that have access to resources, funding and budget and there are those that don’t.  The idea is that MoodleNet supports The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 through allowing educators to share educational resources openly and freely.” Paul Hodgson, MoodleNet Product Manager

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