Moodle powers eLearning in Andorra with a country-wide virtual campus

November 16, 2020 By

Located in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain, the country of Andorra has a complex educational landscape made of three different schooling systems: the Andorran, the French and the Spanish.

In all three systems, education is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 16. Requiring a digital transformation of their educational system, the Government of Andorra trusted Certified Moodle Partner IThinkUPC with the conceptualisation and design of a country-wide virtual campus.


The Government of Andorra needed to provide an eLearning solution for all three educational systems in the country. All three systems depend on the Andorran Ministry of Education, so the Government needed a centralised platform that would enable them to service all the schools in the country.

Since the academic management and school administration processes in Andorra were not fully digitised, the Government took the opportunity to also update all processes related to school management and administration. On one hand, there was a need to be more agile and efficient and, on the other hand, they wanted an easier way to communicate with students’ families to build a better relationship with them.

This meant that the new virtual platform had to integrate with software for school administration and family communication. Finally, the new virtual campus had to enable a competencies-based assessment to support their curriculum and their Strategic Plan for the Renewal and Improvement of the Andorran Educational System (PERMSEA).


To undertake this country-wide digital transformation, the Andorran Ministry of Education and Youth in collaboration with the State Secretariat for Administration Reform and Promotion of Knowledge, Andorra Telecom, Andorra’s three educational systems and several sponsors, leveraged IThinkUPC’s expertise in the eLearning sector.

With their experience in designing, developing and implementing eLearning platforms, IThinkUPC laid the groundwork for a new set-up that fit the characteristics and needs of Andorra’s competency-based educational model.

The proposal IThinkUPC designed for Andorra was based on three key pillars, which created an ecosystem of key technologies to support the Andorran educational system:

1. Clickedu, a school management solution for 300 schools that integrates with Moodle.
2. A Moodle-based learning platform to support the three educational systems that coexist in Andorra (Andorran, Spanish and French), already being used by the Government of Andorra for several years.
3. A Competency Management System developed by IThinkUPC, which integrates both with Moodle and Clickedu. During the process, IThinkUPC also provided methodological and organisational support to design the new educational model for Andorra.


The country-wide campus built on Moodle serves 14,000 users, is available in French, Catalan and Spanish, handles nearly 5,000 subjects and has been accessed over a million times per month since 2012.

It integrates with the other two key solutions for managing Andorra’s new learning model: Clickedu and the competency management system, enabling the Ministry of Education to manage all their schools and students from a central place.

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