The latest release of our open source learning management system, Moodle LMS 4.0, focused on improving the user experience for educators and learners.

In the fourth blog in our series exploring the new features of Moodle 4.0, we look at a new feature that helps Moodle administrators to streamline and tailor the experience for the educators and learners using their Moodle sites: Site admin presets.

This feature helps Moodle administrators streamline the experience for teachers and learners by offering them customised LMS settings to support their needs.

Keep things simple for your users

Moodle LMS is extremely customisable and offers many features for online teaching and learning, assessment, collaboration and recognition of achievements. In some cases, Moodle administrators may want to keep things simple and remove anything their users don’t need.

For those cases, Moodle 4.0 enables Moodle administrators to turn off some advanced Moodle features with just one click, switching between different site administration configurations.

The Site admin presets page for Admins on Moodle 4.0 shows two existing presets: Starter and Full, which the admin can select. There's also a button to Create a preset and another to Import a preset. Image

Moodle 4.0 comes with two preset configurations: the starter preset, which has Moodle’s most popular features, including assignment, feedback, forum, H5P, quiz and completion tracking; and the full preset, which includes features that only more advanced users might be utilising, such as external tool (LTI), SCORM, workshop, analytics, badges, competencies or learning plans.

Create consistent Moodle experiences

Besides the starter and full presets, Moodle 4.0 enables administrators to create their own Moodle site configurations by selecting which of Moodle’s features they want to make available to their users. Administrators can also save these presets in a file they can import and apply into another Moodle site. This makes it easy to replicate a specific configuration from one site to another and ensures that the experience that administrators provide to teachers and learners is consistent.

Learn more about Moodle 4.0’s improvements for administrators in our Moodle 4.0 for Admins course at Moodle Academy.