Moodle welcomes Google Summer of Code students

Google Summer of Code March 1 2017

We are proud to announce that Moodle has been selected again as a mentor organisation for Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code is an annual global program that encourages university students to participate in open source software development. The program pays developer students to work on a programming project for three months during their break from studies, mentored by a professional open source developer.

Moodle has been involved in the GSOC program since 2006 and this is our twelfth year of participating. Our open source developers who mentor GSOC students are committed to introducing  them to the community culture and practices and make them gain exposure to real-world software development techniques and processes. In turn, GSOC students produce working code that contributes to the open source and Moodle communities.

David Mudrák, senior developer at Moodle HQ and coordinator of Moodle’s involvement in Google Summer of code, told us:

“The students benefit from the experience of an open source project, tapping into the expertise of established developers. Moodle and the community at large benefit too, as completed projects may be integrated into core for everyone. In the past, some students have made such a good impression that they have become core Moodle developers.

This year, we welcome three students and show our appreciation to their mentors at Moodle HQ:

Mohammed Rahman is working on Attendance password rotation/expiry , mentored by Dan Marsden of Catalyst IT. The Attendance plugin, maintained by Dan, is used in over 6 thousand Moodle sites worldwide (including our own Moodle for School sites) and so improvements to this popular plugin will be very much appreciated.

Sanya Negi and Vlad Apetri are both working on projects related to Analytics, a highly important Moodle core feature which has been significantly enhanced for usability and functionality in Moodle 3.7.

Sanya’s project is Adding regressor to machine learning backend, while Vlad’s is Adding multi-class classification to machine learning backend. Both will be mentored by Moodle HQ’s Analytics developer, David Monllaó, himself a former Google Summer of Code graduate.

We’ll keep you informed of their progress over the summer,  and for more information about the Google Summer of Code 2019 and Moodle, see the GSOC 2019 pages.

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