MoodleCloud sites have now been boosted to Moodle 3.2

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One week following Moodle 3.2 major release, Moodle HQ is pleased to announce that all MoodleCloud sites have now been upgraded to the latest version.

All of the new features and improvements to be found in Moodle 3.2 are now available for use in MoodleCloud sites.

Chris Reid, MoodleCloud Product Manager, briefly highlighted the key major new features and improvements from the upgrade, all aimed at improving accessibility and user experience.

“There are a number of exciting new features and improvements that have landed in all MoodleCloud sites, which are all accessible right now,” said Chris.

“One of the biggest new features in Moodle 3.2 is a fresh new user experience we call Boost!”

“Boost is a new core theme that gives Moodle sites a fresh new look.”

“Boost gives MoodleCloud users more space for their content through a nav drawer that removes the need for navigation and admin blocks.”

“A collapsible menu on the side of the screen also give users better navigation within and between courses.”

“One important thing to note is that Boost is not set as default for existing MoodleCloud sites. If you have an existing MoodleCloud site, switching to Boost is simple. Just follow the step by step instructions on our FAQ page.

“A number of other key features give all our MoodleCloud users an enhanced online learning experience. These include improved messages and notifications functions for faster communications, ability to create user tours to guide educators and learners through MoodleCloud site and the addition of an industry leading media player.”

“There is also a long list of improvements that allow all MoodleCloud users to do more engaging and innovative learning on their sites,” said Chris.

“To check the full list of new and improved features available in your boosted MoodleCloud site, please view the Moodle 3.2 release highlights or infographic.

All of these new features and improvements have been made possible through the hard work and support of the global Moodle community, Moodle HQ developers, our Moodle Partners and also our good friends at University of Minnesota (who sponsored the work on messages and notifications) and Dublin City University (who sponsored the user tours feature).

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