MoodleMoot arrives in Ecuador! Be a part of the first-ever #MootEC23

July 13, 2023 By Barnana Sarkar

Moodle HQ, in collaboration with our valued partners Edu Labs and Escuela Politécnica Nacional – Centro de Educación Continúa, is delighted to announce the MoodleMoot is coming to Ecuador for the first time. 

This knowledge exchange programme around virtual learning will be held entirely in Spanish at the Centro de Educación Continua de la Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito, Ecuador from 1–2 August 2023.  On these two days, you can attend workshops, conferences, plenary sessions, and other spaces for joining the discussion on eLearning.

The goal of MoodleMoot Ecuador to create a meaningful virtual learning experience and cater to the specific needs of the education community in the country. The event will be completely free for the community from the region willing to attend and learn more about Moodle.

Themes of #MootEC23

The central theme of “Building Meaningful Learning Experiences” at MoodleMoot Ecuador will explore a range of topics, including: 

  • Implementation of tools and functionalities in Moodle
  • Trends and challenges of online education
  • Evaluation and monitoring in Moodle
  • Teaching methodologies in Moodle

This will be a unique opportunity for educators, developers, and eLearning specialists to gain in-depth knowledge about how to create significant and relevant eLearning experiences using cutting-edge technology such as Moodle, Artificial Intelligence, and more. 

As Edu Labs’ Chief Marketing Officer, Alejandra Arenas said, “Edu Labs is excited to work together with the Escuela Politécnica Nacional to develop the first MoodleMoot in Ecuador. During 2 days, attendees will be able to attend knowledge exchange spaces where they can learn about how technology helps them to build meaningful learning experiences”.

Join us and spread the word

MoodleMoot will be held in Ecuador for the very first time and we’re thankful for our community’s endless support. 

You, too, can spread the word and help your peers, friends, or colleagues join us in Ecuador to participate in the conference. 

You can share the word by:

  1. Following the official page on LinkedIn and inviting your peers to join the page.  
  2. Guiding people to the Moodle Moot Ecuador Twitter page where they can gain access to all the information about the conference
  3. Encouraging your peers to register by filling out the contact form

Experience two days of knowledge exchange through forums, discussions, and workshops on eLearning at MoodleMoot Ecuador 2023.