Join the Dutch-speaking Moodle event MoodleMoot Benelux 2022

January 25, 2022 By Júlia Verdaguer

On March 15, join Moodle users, developers and administrators in Tilburg to share knowledge and experiences with Moodle and online learning

Learn from peer educators, developers and Moodle administrators

MoodleMoot Benelux 2022 will provide a space for the Benelux Moodle community to get together and get inspired by good practises and success stories of online learning with Moodle. The three main topics will be ‘Moodle in practice’, ‘Moodle integrations’ and ‘Development & Management’ – so whether you’re a teacher, instructional designer, developer, consultant or administrator, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to learn.


Attend keynotes from Moodle HQ

Learn all about ABC Learning Design, a collaborative method to design student-centred learning experiences, with Jessica Gramp, Manager of Moodle Academy and Ele Holvoet, Coordinator educational development and professionalisation at VIVES University of Applied Sciences.

Plus, hear the latest news from Moodle HQ and find out what’s coming in the roadmap for the upcoming Moodle 4.0 and beyond in a keynote from Sander Bangma, Product Manager of Moodle LMS.


Network and share experiences with Moodlers

MoodleMoot Benelux 2022 is the first face-to-face Moodle event organised by Stichting Mnet Benelux, a foundation that fosters knowledge sharing about Moodle in the Netherlands and Flanders.

“This will be the first live MoodleMoot for us.” said Peter Haasdijk, consultant and committee member of the MoodleMoot for Stichting Mnet. “I would like to see the Benelux Moodle community come in large numbers to this unique conference. To experience Moodle, to share knowledge with each other, and to build relationships with other Moodlers, so that everyone really benefits from participating in the event. So, let’s make it a real party: informal and with a lot of interaction!”

The networking at #MootBNL22 doesn’t stop when the conference ends: at the end of the day, you’ll be able to join Moodlers and continue your conversations over snacks and a drink!


Check out the program for MoodleMoot Benelux and register for the event on MootBNL22’s website.