MoodleMoot Colombia returns in 2023: Join the event virtual and free!

August 25, 2023 By Barnana Sarkar

Organised by Edu Labs, a leading company providing support and consultations for eLearning projects in Latin America and the Caribbean since 2011, MoodleMoot Colombia (#MootCO23) is scheduled for August 30 and 31, 2023. This event will be conducted entirely online and is free.

During this two-day conference, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy workshops and panel discussions and explore the latest trends in virtual learning with Moodle. The agenda of the conference will cover topics such as corporate eLearning, virtual education, and the impact of new technologies on learning and development.

Theme of #MootCO23

The central theme of “eLearning 4x” delves into the significant growth and technological innovation leading to cutting-edge advancements in eLearning. This has made it four times (4x) more dynamic and progressive than before.

The conference will dive deep into how Moodle contributes to the progress of eLearning in various sectors like education and corporate, through the following sub-themes:

  1. Moodle 4x – Participants will learn about the latest functionalities, tools, and integrations in Moodle. These developments not only assist educators and organisations in enhancing their online teaching and learning initiatives but also offer more effective and impactful experiences for learners. 
  2. Education 4x – Revealing the three key trends in education –  artificial intelligence, mobile learning, and machine learning – this discussion will provide participants with the opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices related to the transformative effects of technology in education. 
  3. 4x Corporate Learning – The topic will delve into ‌the impacts of lifelong learning, skills development, and micro-learning in the corporate world. It will be an opportunity for participants to understand how they can enhance and optimise their corporate learning initiatives.

The event will also focus on the subject ‘How to improve corporate training with Moodle Workplace’. It will demonstrate how Moodle Workplace can be a valuable tool for businesses and organisations aiming to enhance the quality, flexibility, and effectiveness of their corporate training initiatives.


MoodleMoot Colombia 2023 is ideal for educators, Learning and Development (L&D) professionals, developers, human resource professionals, Moodle administrators, and anyone interested in gaining valuable insights that can be implemented in their teaching and learning processes. 

As Chief Marketing Officer at Edu Labs, Alejandra Arenas, says, “MoodleMoot Colombia is one of the largest and most recognised events in Latin America due to its inclusive nature as an online and free event. In this 14th edition, we at Edu Labs have organised an event that aims to address the most relevant topics for the eLearning sector currently, both in the corporate and educational environments.”

Join us and spread the word

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Note: The event will be held in Spanish.