Innovate and learn with experts from around the world at MoodleMoot Rwanda 2024

April 10, 2024 By Barnana Sarkar

MoodleMoot Rwanda 2024 is all set to take place on 29 May at the Kigali Convention Center. Moodle is organising the single-day event together with some of the leading Moodle Certified PartnersAdaptIT, Catalyst, think modular, and Edunao. The moot will be held as part of eLearning Africa 2024, Africa’s largest conference and exhibition on technology-supported learning. 

The event is expected to bring together Moodle users from Rwanda and across Africa who are interested in learning more about Moodle and its applications in education and other fields. The presence of Moodle Certified Partners will bring diverse perspectives and extensive experience in implementing, customising, and hosting Moodle for a wide range of customers.

Why attend?

Attendees can look forward to a wide array of sessions covering various aspects of Moodle and beyond. From administration and development to teaching strategies and innovative practices, participants will have the opportunity to delve deep into topics that matter most to them. Through engaging sessions, workshops, and presentations, they will gain valuable knowledge and skills to enhance their eLearning initiatives.

Moreover, networking and collaboration lie at the heart of MoodleMoot Rwanda 2024. Professionals from across Rwanda and Africa will come together to share experiences, challenges, and success stories in using Moodle platform. By connecting with like-minded peers and industry leaders, attendees can forge new partnerships that drive innovation in eLearning and beyond.

We’re also thrilled to announce that Natanya van der Lingen (Head of Partner Program) , representing Moodle from South Africa, will be hosting the event.  Jose Marcos Lopez-Rios (Channel Manager – EMEA), joining us from Moodle in Spain, and Ausra Petrulyte (Partner Event & Marketing Manager), from Moodle in Lithuania, will also be actively participating in the program. The event will focus on presentations by partners about case studies and will feature a video from Moodle’s Founder, Martin Dougiamas, where he will talk about Moodle and AI.

Moodle, along with the partners, will also exhibit at eLearning Africa. It will include a 60-minute speaking slot where our partners will participate in a panel discussion on the topic ‘Benefits of Using a Moodle Certified Partner for your Moodle Installation (EN)’ on 30 May at 12 noon local time.

How to register?

To register for MoodleMoot Rwanda 2024, you can visit the main registration page for the event. You’ll have the option to choose between attending the full conference or opting for the full-day event of MoodleMoot.

Once your registration is successfully completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing further details about the event, including the schedule, sessions, and any additional information you may need to know.

This is your chance to connect with industry experts and gain valuable insights into the world of Moodle and eLearning. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge, network with peers, and contribute to the advancement of eLearning in Rwanda and across Africa.