MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 lineup bound to excite all Moodlers!

April 7, 2017 By Moodle

The first Moodle HQ run MoodleMoot is coming up in 3 days time in London. MoodleMoot UK & Ireland will begin on Monday 10 April and will run for three full days until Wednesday 12 April at Park Plaza Riverbank.

Moodle HQ recently published the program for this MoodleMoot and the combination of masterclasses, hackfest, short and pico presentations through to some fun social events is sure to get Moodlers attending excited.

But for those of us who are not able to attend, don’t worry! We can still share the excitement through the regular #MootIEUK Twitter news and event feed and of course, later on, through some of the recorded sessions on our YouTube channel.

You can view the program on our MoodleMoot website, but we thought we’ve also highlighted the schedule for the next three days to keep the excitement going!

Day 1 – Masterclasses and Hackfest

Consistent with our other MoodleMoots, first day of MoodleMoot UK & Ireland is filled with your choice of four masterclasses and one hackfest.

If you are going to the Moot, which ones would you like to attend?

  • Moodle Developer Hackfest

    This developer only workshop, will cover a variety of topics including how recent and upcoming features in Moodle impact plugin and interface development.
  • Learning Analytics Masterclass 

    This workshop will take in a variety of perspectives on Learning Analytics and how they work within and outside of Moodle.
  • Mobile Learning Masterclass
    This workshop will take a look at the following through the mobile lens: Content creation and suitability, Assessment approaches,  Communication, Mobile Strategy, Moodle Mobile App and going offline
  • Assessment Masterclass
    The goal of this workshop is to tackle some of the key issues around online assessment in courses and have a look at some of the interesting options available and how to implement these approaches
  • Online Course Design Masterclass
    This workshop will consider a number of areas and how they are affected by the dynamics of fully online courses (such as MOOCs)

After a full day of learning, what’s the best way to unwind at a MoodleMoot? Well, Moodlers in London for this Moot will try out silent disco to end the night.

Day 2 – Keynote and presentations

Tuesday 11 April at MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 will start with a Moodle Keynote by our Business Development Manager and Program Chair Committee for MoodleMoot, Gavin Henrick.

Gavin will provide the audience with an update on all things Moodle – products, development and what new is coming up!

Following that a series of short 15 minutes presentations and pico presentations will follow. There are too many to list here so please do check out our website for the full schedule but here are some we’ve randomly picked:

  • “Square pegs into round holes? Moodle as a solution to deliver an institution wide managed learning pathway to publication within a community of researchers” by  Aurelie Owens.
  • “Making innovative simulation learning happen through community and collaboration” by Clive Holtham.
  • “Customising the Moodle Mobile Experience” by Juan Leyva.
  • “Developing academic training to facilitate scenario based learning for Degree Apprenticeships – The Moodle Solution” by Tom Langston.
  • “Moodle grows a moustache” by Mr Davo Smith.
  • “Putting the ‘oo’ into Moodle” by Ms Rebecca Barrington.
  • “Moodle Users Association Update” by Steve Powell.

In between all of these:

Moodle HQ has set up some interesting selfie frames featuring our Moodle character you might have first seen in Moodle 3.2! So watch out for these in Twitter or other social media using #MootIEUK17.

There will be a Moodle Users Association meeting at 5.15pm, open to everyone, anyone interested in all things Moodle!

Oh another thing you might want to watch out for in social is a permanent live video stream at the Moot, where you might catch our Founder and CEO, Martin, pop up along with other Moodle HQ staff.

Oh and wait, wait…there’s more! A lot of really social chatter might start to pop up in the event social feeds as the Conference Dinner starts at 7.45pm that day and will continue to end the night!

Day 3 – Final day of presentations and panel

Wednesday 12 April is the final day of MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017….the day begins with a Learning Analytics Panel – and then continues on with some more exciting presentations.

Again, too many to list here but do check out the full program!

Here are some which we have picked out randomly to give you an idea:

  • “Learning Analytics through Machine Learning – Project Inspire” by Gavin Henrick.
  • “10 User experience improvements since Moodle 3.1” by Mary Cooch.
  • “An Adaptive Learning Methodology and Module for Moodle” by Ken Currie.
  • “Making “Tacit Knowledge” explicit and transferable in the corporate space – Moodle at the heart of corporate social constructivism” by Sherol Fernandes.
  • “Citation and Referencing – is our training making a difference” by Mark Glynn.
  • “Moodle at scale: why assigning a role can cause a catastrophe” by Sam Marshall.

Day 3 ends with a Moodle Community Closing Plenary – where Moodlers can ask some questions and get answers from our Moodle HQ panel members – before heading off to get home after three full and jam packed with activities days!

So there you have it everyone…the full 3 days of MoodleMoot UK & Ireland coming up from Monday 10 April.

As mentioned, if you are not able to go this year, check out our Twitter feed for all the updates!

Lastly, we want to thank our sponsors for all their support for MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017.