Moodlers Monday: We talk all things mobile with our Moodle Mobile team lead, Juan Leyva

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We have mentioned in a few previous blog posts about the importance of mobile learning, as more people access information and their learning from their devices.

Here at Moodle, we work hard to make sure that our Moodle Mobile app compliments the web experiences that our users have and we continue to expand the boundaries of mobile learning with our Branded Moodle Mobile App and of course, with our upcoming new look and design of Moodle Mobile 3.5.

Today’s Moodlers Monday post, we cross over to Barcelona, Spain, to talk with our Moodle Mobile team leader, Juan Leyva, about all things Moodle Mobile App, mobile learning and what’s coming up from mobile land!

Moodle HQ: Hi Juan, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Let’s start in the traditional Moodler Monday way, with you telling us about yourself and your role in Moodle.

Juan: Hi. First of all, thanks for allowing me to be a part of this initiative. My current role at Moodle is “Mobile Team Lead”, this means that I’m responsible for the development of the Mobile app and related services (like the Moodle Desktop or Learn Moodle apps, and the development of Web Services for the Mobile app in Moodle core). Our team also works closely with the Moodle Services Team to offer the Branded Moodle Mobile App service.

Moodle HQ: As the Mobile Lead you have a lot of experience with making learning available to our global community, but why do you think mobile learning is an important aspect to the future of Moodle and education as a whole?

Juan: There are several reasons, the main ones are:

  • You can study at any time, at any place. For example, when you are commuting.
  • Learning doesn’t stop even if you are offline. You can download your course material, thus enabling you to study and take activities offline.
  • It democratises education. The ubiquity of mobile devices allow educators to deliver training everywhere.
  • It enables better communication. Students receive notifications of important events in the device they spend most of their spare time.

All combined have proven to be very useful by organisations using the Moodle Mobile app like AfricaRice, DanChurch AID or FINCA.

Moodle HQ: What exciting things can Moodlers look forward to from the Mobile Learning team?

Juan: We are working on a new version of the app with lots of UX (user experience), performance and design improvements.

The new changes we are going to implement will give the app a modern look & feel, making it easier to use by learners and teachers.

There are also technical improvements that will allow Moodle plugins developers to easily support their plugins in the app.

Moodle HQ: As well as working hard on new Moodle mobile developments you are also attending MoodleMoot Spain 2018, the first Spanish MoodleMoot hosted by Moodle HQ. Can you tell us a bit about the event and what the Moodle Mobile team will do there?

Juan: The MoodleMoot in Spain has been a popular event since 2004. There were nearly 400 assistants in the 2008 Barcelona Moot for example.

This year, there will be four tracks:

  • Moodle for the workplace (a look into how workplaces in the corporate and public sectors are using Moodle for their eCommerce, training and learning needs)
  • Moodle development (including Moodle plugins, core development, UX, and other technical development updates from our Moodle users)
  • Education in Moodle (ways to enhance online learning in Moodle e.g. gamification, learning analytics, personalisation)
  • Creative uses of Moodle to advance quality education and learning (case studies on collaboration, accessibility, etc.)

Apart from the tracks, the last day there will be several workshops, including a Moodle Mobile one.

Lasty… I almost forgot… The Moodle Party! This will be the first time we’ll do a  Moodle Party in Spain. I can assure you that it is going to be spec-ta-cu-lar!

Moodle HQ: Finally Juan we have one more question for you, what advice would you give Moodlers who have not tried the Moodle Mobile app yet but want to?

Juan: My advice is mostly for educators: before starting delivering mobile learning, you need to check that your site and courses are ready for it. There are several documents in our documentation wiki that can help you, like Creating Mobile friendly courses or our guide for admins.

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