New Accessibility Checker Starter Toolkit in Moodle 3.11

May 14, 2021 By Júlia Verdaguer

Moodle 3.11 will incorporate the Brickfield Accessibility Starter Toolkit to help organisations create accessible course content

Accessibility is a constant focus in the development of Moodle LMS, and with every new release, we dedicate resources to improve accessibility in order to ensure that our software is accessible for everyone who uses it. 

In Moodle 3.11, to further support organisations and educators to create content and learning materials that meet accessibility standards, we’re incorporating the Brickfield Accessibility Starter Toolkit into Moodle LMS to allow educators and administrators to assess the accessibility of content and identify existing accessibility issues.


Check the accessibility of your Moodle courses

Brickfield’s Accessibility Starter Toolkit includes the automated analysis of Moodle courses against a set of common accessibility rules, checking the content inside all of Moodle’s core activities. The Accessibility Starter Toolkit then generates a report with a list of all detected accessibility errors, which can also be broken down by type of content or type of activity. This provides insights to educators and organisations on the overall accessibility of their courses and the areas that should be improved.

Graph showing accessibility assessment of a Moodle course, breaking down issues by type of activity. Each Moodle core activity is listed on the horizontal axis, showing the total number of each type of activity, and which of the total have passed or failed the accessibility test.

Accessibility errors on a Moodle course, broken down by type of activity.


Identify accessibility issues on the spot

The accessibility report generated by the Starter Toolkit also generates a heatmap that enables course creators to identify course sections that have accessibility issues to be fixed.

A course on Moodle with Brickfield's accessibility heatmap activated. Activities that passed the accessibility test have a green background, while those with many accessibility issues appear in red. Those with fewer issues are shown with a yellow background.

Accessibility heatmap on a Moodle course


And finally, errors are also displayed on a list with direct links, which makes it really easy to navigate to their location and fix them.

Accessibility errors shown on a table. For each error, you can see the Activity where it's located, what the issue is, the HTML code that needs to be fixed (including the exact line) and a link with the word 'Edit' that takes you to the specific location of the issue

Accessibility issues listed on a table, including direct links to each issue.


How to activate the Accessibility Toolkit on Moodle

From the Site administration panel, Moodle admins will find the Accessibility Toolkit under Admin tools in the Plugins section. The new ‘Brickfield Registration’ link will enable admins to register their Moodle site with Brickfield Education Labs and receive an API Key and Secret Key to enable the automatic analysis of their site. 


The Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit: Premium and Enterprise Versions

The Brickfield Accessibility Starter Toolkit included in Moodle 3.11 is a subset of Brickfield Education Labs’ other Toolkits: Premium and Enterprise. These are available on a yearly subscription and provide  extra features on top of the Starter version, including enhanced analysis of content and comprehensive reporting, automated fixing of accessibility issues and improved workflows for users to avoid creating more accessibility issues, as detailed in the table below:

Common rule analysisYesYesYes
Basic reportingYesYesYes
Links to errorsYesYesYes
Enhanced rule analysisYesYes
Complete reportingYesYes
Error DashboardYesYes
Automated Remediation toolsYesYes
Triage interfaces for bulk fixing issuesYesYes
Improved EditorYesYes
User Interface ImprovementsYesYes
Performance support materialsYesYes
Complimentary training course for staffYesYes
Accessible file formatsYes
Conversion to audio fileYes
Student self service conversionYes
Conversion to EbookYes

Full details of the Premium and Enterprise subscriptions of the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit are available on Brickfield Education Labs’ website.