Join our Lunchtime Learning Webinar together with Moodle Certified Integration Brickfield Education Labs on Moodle Accessibility! 

Welcome to this engaging session where Gavin Henrick, CEO and Co-Founder of Brickfield Education Labs, will demonstrate the creation of inclusive courses within the Moodle Workplace framework, emphasising accessibility. The webinar will be co-hosted by Sonya Trivedi, Communications Manager at Moodle. 

During the session, Gavin will share tips that will empower you to create learning materials that are both accessible and inclusive. The webinar will be in English, with the main goal of providing you with concise, actionable insights on the topic. 

Brickfield Education Labs, a Moodle Certified Integration Partner, enhances Moodle course content accessibility through its offerings, notably the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit. This toolkit, focusing on Moodle accessibility, includes auditing, content remediation, enriched editing experiences, and an easy-to-use file format creator to help organisations address common accessibility issues in their Moodle Learning Management System, ensuring compliance and future adaptability. Established in 2019, Brickfield boasts a dedicated team with over 50 years of combined experience in educational solutions, showcasing a solid commitment to availability, inclusivity, and exceptional user experience in the e-learning field.

We are looking forward to seeing you on 2 November at 2 pm BST!

Register to secure your spot on the webinar’s page.