Put activities into “stealth mode” to achieve particular designs for your courses

Moodle 3.3 StealthMode May 2017 1

Earlier versions of Moodle had a “quirk” that allowed activities to be hidden inside “extra” weeks or topics, but still be accessible to students.

These were known as “orphaned” activities and allowed Moodle users to achieve particular designs for their courses.

Advanced Moodle users have been using this “quirk” as a way to achieve particular designs for their courses.

Now in Moodle 3.3 you can put any activity into “stealth mode” to achieve this same effect in a more officially-supported way.

Stealth activities gives admins the opportunity to choose which activities to be available, but not shown, invisible sections of the course page.

If the admin enables this setting, then the teacher can choose any item, click to hide it and then click again to make it available, on the course page.

Mount Orange

This (now) fully-supported feature can improve the user experience of Moodle as it makes sites appear neater, whilst enabling students to access activities.

Mount Orange

Follow our step by step guide video to see how you can use the “stealth mode” functionality in your Moodle site.

Stealth mode

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