Registered Moodle sites jump by 30% in just one week

March 24, 2020 By Júlia Verdaguer

As schools and companies shift to learning and working online, many are taking advantage of our cloud-hosted solution to easily create e-learning sites: MoodleCloud.

According to UNESCO, 80% of all school children worldwide are at home because their schools are closed due to Coronavirus. Additionally, hundreds of thousands of universities and workplaces are also affected by lockdowns. This means that billions of people have to now learn and work online, many adapting to these changes for the first time. 

Our open source Moodle LMS has been the learning management solution used globally by hundreds of millions of students for many years. However, just in the last week (as of this article)  the number of registered Moodle sites worldwide has risen from around 100,000 to 134,000, and these figures continue to climb rapidly. 

While many organisations are installing and hosting their own e-learning sites or others are using our Certified Moodle Partners, most of the newly created Moodle sites have been created using our MoodleCloud hosting solution

MoodleCloud enables schools, companies and even individual teachers to create their own Moodle sites online in just a few clicks, with no installation or deep technical knowledge required. 

You too can get your own e-learning site up and running with MoodleCloud or help a teacher near you: find out how to quickly get set-up and start teaching with Moodle on our Getting Started page

However, if you need a large-scale deployment of Moodle across many schools or organisations, you can contact us directly and we’ll work with you and our Moodle Partners to provide you with a solution that meets your needs.