Shaping the future of Moodle with the Moodle Experience Lab

August 24, 2023 By Barnana Sarkar

The Moodle Experience Lab is a research initiative at Moodle HQ aimed at enhancing user experience and driving the development of the Moodle platform. 

In this episode of The Moodle Podcast, Moodle HQ Communications Manager, Sonya Trivedi interviews Zoe Rippon, the Product Experience Lead of the Moodle Experience Lab who provides insights into the lab’s purpose, activities, and significance for the Moodle community.

The lab serves as a resource, engaging both Moodle users and non-users who have signed up to participate in user experience research. It cultivates a diverse group of people who can help shape the experiences being created or improved across Moodle.

Participants in the Moodle Experience Lab contribute to research and design projects that make a difference for over 300 million people worldwide.

To know more about the Moodle Experience Lab, listen to the conversation:

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