We summarise the three days of MoodleMoot Germany 2017 – Mannheim!

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If you have been following the #MootDE17 hashtag on social media, you will find a number of tweets from many happy Moodlers who attended MoodleMoot Germany 2017.

This Moot was held between 21 – 23 June at Mannheim University and the three-day event as full of workshops, panel sessions, presentations and keynotes as Moodlers shared their story and latest innovation with the learning platform.

MoodleMoot Germany 2017 covered the main topics of:

  • Mobile learning: use of mobile devices (BYOD) / Moodle app in use
  • Individual promotion and cooperative learning:inclusion, DAF / DAZ
  • Competence-based learning: in colleges, schools and enterprises
  • Digital school and university development: Moodle as an organisational tool, self-evaluation of teaching events, funding diagnostics
  • EPortfolio application: Mahara / Mahara & Moodle / Europportfolio / Berufswahlpass / Presentations
  • Use of data: adaptive learning, learning analytics, data protection

You can view the full program of the recent conference on the MoodleMoot Germany 2017 website to see the full list of presenters and also view copies of some of the presentation.

In this post, we will try to summarise the three-day conference that was #MootDE17.

Day 1: pre-conference

Day 1 of MoodleMoot Germany was a pre-conference that featured eight workshops by passionate and experienced Moodlers:

  • Math with Moodle (Geogebra) with Gregor Tyczkowski
  • Moodle for Beginners with Christine Pannen
  • Administration from Moodle with Mike Baselt
  • Train the Trainer with Stephan Rinke
  • E-Portfolio Mahara for Beginner with Christine Dulfer
  • Moodle for companies and administration with Alex Buchner
  • And a hackfest (joint with an informal meeting of all university representatives), led by our very own developer, David Mudrak!

Judging by some of the tweets post day 1 of the conference, the workshops were well received and a great way to launch MoodleMoot Germany 2017!

Day 2: keynote by our chief Moodler and many presentations later…

The second day of MoodleMoot Germany dawned nice and bright in Mannheim, greeting Moodlers with a heatwave!

But that didn’t deter anyone from attending the keynote presentation by our chief Moodler, Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas.

Martin delivered a keynote titled, “Moodle for the next ten years,” and spent some time re-iterating:

  • Moodle’s mission (why we exist): Empowering educators to improve our world.
  • Moodle’s vision (what we strive for): To give the world the most effective platform for learning.
  • The way we do it (our values): Education, Openness, Respect, Integrity, Innovation.

Martin spent the rest of his keynote delighting Moodlers with new Moodle HQ initiatives, including the breaking news of  aiming to open a new EU subsidiary, firstly in Barcelona.

Martin also talked about progress on Moodle HQ major products, including:

  1. Moodle core
  2. Moodle mobile and desktop
  3. Moodle Partner services
  4. MoodleCloud (and packages)
  5. Moodle Training
  6. Moodle Academy
  7. Moodle Community and Marketplace

You can view Martin’s presentation on our YouTube channel for MoodleMoot Germany 2017.

Following Martin’s presentation, a total of 37 presentations were delivered throughout day 2 of #MootDE17.

Presentations included Moodle development, e-learning and cloud file sharing, student quizzes, quiz generation, greenscreening in the languages classroom and digital storytelling.

Day 3: Last day of MoodleMoot Germany for 2017!

The third and last day of #MootDE17 began with a keynote from Thomas Strasser, educational technologist, Professor of Technology-Enhanced Learning at University College of Teacher Education in Vienna.

Thomas’ keynote was titled: “With screen, charm and wireless free zone – what it for 1 life?”

If you would like to watch the full presentation, you can also do that now on our YouTube channel.

The keynote was then followed by a series of 28 presentations on this last day, with talks ranging from using audio in the classroom with ipads, Geogebra in Moodle, Learning apps, eportfolio and virtual reality, amongst many.

Perhaps one of the best ways to “see” the extent of presentations across the three days is to watch this short video of notes:

Thanks everyone who attended MoodleMoot Germany 2017.

Enjoy and until next time in Germany!

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