SysBind specialises in developing online education solutions based on the Moodle platform. Serving over one million Israeli students and tens of thousands of teachers, SysBind is experienced in delivering a wide range of Moodle services including development, integration, Moodle as a Service and technical support. Now, SysBind has become a Moodle Premium Certified Service Provider, continuing the expansion of Moodle’s education solutions and eLearning In Israel.

Shabi Elikishvili, Chief Executive Officer at SysBind, says “We believe this achievement acknowledges the past mutual success of our Moodle Partnership, maintaining a professional, effective and growing Moodle services by SysBind in parallel this milestone reflects the will to further develop and promote a shared vision to the Israeli LMS users.”

Providing extensive industry knowledge

Moodle LMS is widely used by students and academic staff across education institutions in Israel, and SysBind is positioned as the leading service provider with highly regarded expertise. SysBind provides services to the largest and leading institutions, including Reichman University, Open University and Hebrew University.

The Covid-19 pandemic led many academic institutions to rapidly accelerate their reach to students beyond the campus. Academic institutions are continuously looking for ways to use Moodle LMS to support the increased uptake from their students in online learning and exams.

Scaling the Moodle platform to support a growing number of remote learners is a major challenge for many organisations. It involves more complex installations, a high level of expertise from the IT team, and additional resources. SysBind offers Moodle as a Service, providing academic institutions with a cost-effective solution and guaranteeing a consistent quality of service for organisations at any scale.

Moodle LMS caters to institutions who wish to implement enhanced pedagogic learning pathways, including personal skill-based learning, analytics, and differential learning.

SysBind provides the industry knowledge required to deliver a full range of services, from consulting and development to installation, integration and training.

Making the most of Moodle LMS

Working closely with the Israel Ministry of Education, SysBind serves over one million students and tens of thousands of teachers in Israel. The Covid-19 pandemic drove the expansion of Moodle LMS in K-12 schools nationwide, with staff at all teaching levels benefiting from the digital learning resources.

“The key challenges faced in the integration of Moodle LMS across K-12 education is that teaching staff might not be aware of many system features. With Moodle LMS rapidly expanding across schools in Israel, it is important that educators are able to make the most of the learning platform,” says Shabi Elikishvili.

SysBind partners with techno-pedagogic teams to mitigate digital learning challenges and knowledge gaps by simplifying the Moodle user experience. This ensures that all Moodle users can effectively utilise the  Moodle eLearning platform.  

Additionally, SysBind integrates and streamlines data and processes across systems, enabling teachers to cherry-pick ready-to-use professional and rich learning content. Moodle also provides advanced measurements and assessment tools to track the users learning processes and provide a high quality educational experience. 

For educators who require a more advanced Moodle knowledge, SysBind believes the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program is a significant tool, which further consolidates the advantages of digital learning. The MEC emphasises the importance of developing pedagogical competencies to enhance online education and training, allowing users to develop, adopt and certify their Moodle skills.

Unifying the workplace

The enterprise market in Israel is currently flooded with dozens of LMS tools, but with no clear technology leader, Moodle Premium Partner Sysbind is helping to define Moodle Workplace as the leading platform.

Many organisations are seeking a flexible learning management platform to digitise and unify workplace content: this includes streamlining employee learning, onboarding and compliance training. Organisations are in need of an LMS which will integrate with their other systems and with easy user administration to keep track of employee training.

Moodle Workplace is a corporate LMS and enterprise learning management platform that combines the best features of Moodle LMS with advanced tools for employee learning. Available through Moodle Premium Certified Service Providers, Moodle Workplace is designed for flexibility and can be customised to fit the size, structure, and needs of any enterprise.

Shabi Elikishvili says, “Joining the prestigious Premium Partner Program continues to strengthen our positioning in the territory as a leading world class professional service provider and reveals our focus on introducing the Moodle vision to Israeli business sectors. As a Premium Moodle Partner, we now have enhanced tools and an exciting opportunity to promote the Moodle Workplace offering.

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