The Moodle Partner network expands in the UAE as Human Logic reaches Premium status

July 21, 2020 By Abby Fry

A leading developer of ebusiness and elearning services, Human Logic is a UAE native company based in Dubai, managed and operated by both local and international experts to provide clients with high-quality, high-tech solutions that are customised to their needs.

Already a Certified Moodle Partner, Moodle is proud to announce our Moodle Partner services has extended its reach as Human Logic becomes a Certified Premium Moodle Partner, servicing the corporate business and technology sectors in the Middle East.

“Since inception, we have worked with sharp focus on the education and training space. As one of the first Certified Moodle Partners, we have built a strong presence in the government and corporate sectors of the region, as a home-grown, reliable ed-tech partner.” – Somaroy Gabbita, General Manager, Human Logic

Building simple, user-friendly IT solutions optimized to exceed customer expectations, our latest Certified Premium Partner adheres to the philosophy of continuous improvement, as the best way to enhance a business environment is to enhance your core competency.

Providing comprehensive solutions to their clients, Human Logic uses an unique approach of converting ideas into dynamic services through a combination of their in-house experts and growing partner network.

“We’re very happy to become a Certified Premium Partner and make the most of the opportunity to better serve the corporate sector. We look forward to thriving and growing with Moodle Workplace.” – Somaroy Gabbita, General Manager, Human Logic

Human Logic aligns the right people, processes and technology with their clients’ strategic approach, enabling clients to adopt best practices among other organisations. Etisalat, a telecommunications company based in Abu Dhabi, is one of these examples.

Transferring the knowledge of around 3000 front line support staff situated in 309 locations across the UAE, Human Logic designed, customised and implemented the Moodle LMS platform to accommodate all the training delivery requirements including self-paced and blended learning modes across these geographical landscapes using various platforms. To find out more about their success story, visit their website.

“It’s a great pleasure for us to see one of our oldest Certified Moodle Partners gain Premium Partner status. Human Logic has been supporting local public institutions, educational institutions and corporations for over 14 years, through the implementation and promotion of the Moodle platform. This achievement demonstrates our latest Premium Partner’s commitment towards the bright future of Moodle Workplace in the corporate space and public sector.” – José Marcos López-Ríos, EMEA Channel Manager, Moodle.

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