The Moodle Plugin directory reaches 1,500 listed plugins!

Moodle General plugins

Moodle plugins are components that you can install to your Moodle platform to add a specific feature, functionality or even appearance to your Moodle site. Ever since Moodle 1.0 was released 16 years ago, more than 1,500 open-source plugins have been developed and added to the Plugin directory to make them available for every Moodle site.

A plugin for every need

A Moodle plugin can be a theme to change the look and feel of your Moodle site, an activity module that lets you design gamified tasks for students, an accessibility enhancer or an extension that makes authentication safer for your users. These are just a few examples: with more than 1,500 listed plugins, you can expand and adapt your Moodle site to suit your teaching and training needs.

If you need a specific function for your site, it is probable that someone has needed it before and that a member of the Moodle development community, a Moodle Premium Integrator, a Moodle Partner or Moodle HQ have already developed a plugin for it. Search the Moodle Plugins directory by purpose or by type and find the plugin that can extend your learning platform the way that you want it.

The most popular Moodle plugins can be seen by sorting by ‘Sites’, to see how many sites use a particular plugin, or by ‘Fans’, to see how many times a plugin has been favourited.


How can you contribute to Moodle plugins?

  • Develop or maintain a plugin – Most Moodle Plugins are developed by fantastic community developers who volunteer their expertise and time to help make Moodle better. Read more about plugin contribution.
  • Translate a plugin – Join the Moodle translation community and make plugins available in your own language. Find out more about plugin translation.
  • Add a plugin to your favourites and make the developer happy!
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