Try the Moodle Mobile app with a mobile-friendly course

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The latest version of the Moodle Mobile app is out now, available on Google Play and App Store, via With each new version, learners and teachers are able to do more directly within the app.
If you’d like to explore the new features and improvements in the recently released Moodle Mobile 3.2.1, how about logging into our School demo site, Mount Orange with the username: student and password: moodle and check out a new course, Digital Literacy, designed by our Community Educator Mary Cooch, with advice from Moodle Mobile lead developer Juan Leyva.

Group work and assessmentPlease see Mary’s post in the Teaching with Moodle forum – Moodle Tip: Try the Moodle mobile app with a mobile-friendly course – for ideas of things you can try, such as adding a glossary entry with attachment, downloading a SCORM activity to complete offline, or even looking at your grades and your learning plan!

Digital literacies

For ideas on improving your own courses for mobile access, please check out our previous news item “engage learners by creating a mobile-friendly course” and join the discussions with other educators in the teaching with Moodle forum on

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