Vextur becomes a Premium Moodle partner servicing the Baltic States

April 6, 2022 By Moodle

From Reseller to Premium Moodle Partner in 2 years

Vextur joined the  Moodle Certified Service Provider network in 2020. Due to significant growth in delivering Moodle-based solutions across the Baltic states, we are pleased to announce their progression to Premium Moodle Certified Service Provider status.

With offices in both Latvia and Lithuania, Vextur has expanded its customer base across five countries, raising the organisation’s profile and maturity across the Baltic states and eastern Europe. 

Delivering solutions in both education and workplace learning

CEO and Founder Paulius Nomgaudas says, “Premium status allows us to offer customers solutions for open source Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace, which combines the best features of Moodle LMS with advanced tools for workplace learning. Our ability to deliver both platforms provides us  even more opportunities to implement Moodle across various sectors.”

With the education sector maturing in its technology adoption, Vextur is increasingly engaged in promoting best practices across the region and is represented in the EdTech Lithuania Association. 

Vextur also reports significant growth in the corporate learning sector. Post the pandemic, remote and hybrid work models have remained. Organisations increasingly understand the benefits of retaining, upskilling and reskilling talent through implementing an online learning platform.

Across the Baltic States, the use of a virtual learning management system has become a way to provide employees with learning materials and monitor the progress of their learning. Company managers strive to give their employees as much flexibility as possible so that training a new employee becomes a smooth and efficient process.

Most companies that organise employee training and implement courses are starting to evaluate cost and are trying to optimise delivery.  In particular, a platform such as Moodle Workplace that enhances efficiencies through automation and streamlines onboarding and compliance management across multiple tenants is well received.

Moodle Services

“We provide all with Moodle related services. From consultations and training to custom development and SaaS Moodle hosting.  We have the experience to implement Moodle-based projects from scratch or handle already implemented Moodle instances facing performance or functionality issues,” says Nomgaudas.

Vextur now delivers services from analysis, course development, training, consulting, product development, integration tailored to specific customer needs, with both Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace.

Vextur recently implemented a  Moodle Workplace solution to automatically organise training for pilots with Examus proctoring service and full API based integration with an internal ERP system.

Other customers include Conexus Baltic Grid, BAA Training, Kesko Senukai.

About Vextur

Vextur is a Certified Moodle Service Provider in Lithuania and Latvia and delivers Moodle-based solutions across Baltic states and eastern Europe. The team at Vextur have more than ten years of experience with Moodle projects in different sectors. 

To learn more about Vextur’s services, visit their Partner Profile.

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