Uniting minds for educational transformation at the Virtual Educa Forum, organised by Moodle Certified Partner Edupan

April 15, 2024 By Moodle

Moodle is thrilled to announce the upcoming ‘Open Innovation, Co-Creation, and Collaboration in Education’ Virtual Educa Forum. The forum is organised by Edupan, a Moodle Certified Partner in Panama, in collaboration with Virtual Educa and Learning Vila. Set to take place in Panama City on April 18-19, 2024, this event marks a significant return to Panama for Virtual Educa after its last meeting in 2012, signifying a resurgence of the organisation’s presence in Central America.

Scheduled to be hosted at the Learning Vila headquarters, the forum aims to gather experts, educators, government officials, and representatives from civil society across Ibero-America. Together, they will delve into the realms of educational innovation, exploring emerging trends and opportunities while fostering global collaboration within the field.

Themes of the forum

Digital transformation in education: Delving into the transformative potential of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and online learning, this axis will assess their impact on teaching and learning. Strategies for seamlessly integrating digital transformation into classrooms and its implications for educational quality will be thoroughly examined.

Global collaboration and co-creation of educational content: Recognising the imperative of collaboration among educational institutions, governments, and civil society, this axis emphasises the significance of forging global partnerships. Through collaborative efforts, participants will explore avenues to enrich learning experiences, thereby advancing the internationalisation of education.

Inclusion and equitable access to education: Ensuring that educational innovation remains inclusive and accessible to all is paramount. This axis will spotlight strategies aimed at bridging the gap and ensuring that educational technology reaches marginalised communities, thus paving the way for quality education for every student.

At Moodle, we believe that education should be inclusive, accessible, and driven by innovation. Our collaboration with Moodle’s Certified Partner Edupan exemplifies this commitment, as we work together to empower educators and learners across Latin America. As we participate in this forum, we are excited to showcase how our values align with the goals of Virtual Educa, and how, together, we can make a meaningful impact on the future of education in the region,’ says Nicolas Falus, Channel Manager for the LATAM region at Moodle HQ.

Andres Leon, Marketing Manager at Edupan, a Moodle Certified Partner in Panama, acknowledges Moodle’s pivotal role in the educational and technological revolution in Latin America. ‘The Virtual Educa forum in Panama stands out as a unique event in the region, bringing together the most influential experts in educational technology, pioneers in driving the essential transformations that education systems must make in the future. Moodle, a pillar of the educational and technological revolution in Latin America, plays a key role in this process. It is a source of great satisfaction for us to have their valuable participation in this transcendental forum, titled ‘Open Innovation, Co-creation and Collaboration in Education’.

Register for the event on the Virtual Educa Forum website.