Closing the skills gap

The skill gap in today’s workforce is a formidable challenge and its impact is imminent if not already felt. It has left many organisations uncertain about the most effective strategies for resolutions.

Our white paper on ‘Closing the skills gap’ identifies two critical challenges that contribute to the skill gap – a lack of in-house training resources and a deficiency in employee development initiatives or options. These are common struggles for organisations as they try to nurture and enhance the skillsets of their workforce.

Relying solely on recruitment to fill out the skill gap can be a costly endeavour in a competitive market where talent is scarce. A more proactive stance in upskilling and reskilling can ensure a loyal workforce who are up-to-date with the changing demands of the technological landscape.

In this white paper we will look for a strategic approach to skills development, emphasising on the importance of investing in learning and development.

What will I learn?

  • How to address the skill gap on an individual and company-wide level?,
  • Accommodating changes in the future of the workforce,
  • Define the learning requirements of your organisation.

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