WIDE Services has been named Moodle Premium Certified Partner in Albania. This new partnership expands the company’s reach and services, allowing it to address a wider range of customers from both the educational and business sectors.

Established in 2013, WIDE Services offers a wide range of eLearning solutions, including Moodle LMS hosting, customisation, development, support, and education, as well as custom content development, ready-made SCORM content libraries, and integrations with a variety of systems. The company provides web conference tools, mobile learning solutions, gamification, custom plugin development, and more.

WIDE Services is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that help organisations and individuals enhance their eLearning experience. The company, with Moodle Premium Partnerships in Greece and Cyprus, was awarded the Educator Partner of the Year award in 2019. WIDE Services’ expertise and experience in the eLearning industry, combined with its partnership with Moodle, will allow it to provide the best digital learning solutions to its customers in Albania.

“WIDE Services is thrilled to expand as a Moodle Premium Certified Partner in Albania,” said Yiannis Arapoglou, CEO & Founder. “We have been lucky to have a relationship with Moodle for several years after the Moodle Partnership for Greece 2013 and Cyprus 2017. Becoming a Moodle Premium Certified Partner for Albania also cements our commitment to our customers and Moodle, supporting tailor-made solutions for public sector, corporate and educational institutes.”

The digital transformation in Albania

The Western Balkans region, including Albania, is undergoing a digital transformation, with the digital education sector being a key part of this transformation. WIDE Services is well-positioned to address these challenges, with a solid track record of relevant international projects and a strong presence in the region as the Moodle Premium Certified Partner.

WIDE Services has already implemented a large-scale project for VET schools in Albania using the Moodle Workplace and Branded Moodle App, addressing 10,000 students across many schools. The project is in the pilot stages, with plans to expand to more schools in the coming year. The company has also implemented successful projects for the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement, the Governmental Institute of Educational Policy of Greece, Athens International Airport, and many others.

WIDE Services is proud to be a part of this digital transformation and looks forward to offering its services to a wider range of customers in Albania.

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