We wrap up what our chief Moodler described as a très cool MoodleMoot France 2017

July 4, 2017

Straight from Mannheim from MoodleMoot Germany 2017 (#MootDE17), we headed off to Lyon, France for MoodleMoot France 2017.

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

MoodleMoot France 2017 (#MootFR17) was held from 28 – 30 June at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. The theme this year was “Creativity at the service of pedagogy.”

Moodler with Moodle users at #MootFR17

The conference was three day event filled with workshops and presentations around the topics of languages, administration, plugins, gamification, secondary education, demonstrations of new edtech tools and also updates from our Moodle Partners – Edunao, Enovation and Moodlerooms.

Even before the conference, there was a buzz from the French Moodle community over the workshops, the presentations, the gala dinner and in general, over meeting up with other peers and Moodlers.

the French Moodle community

the gala dinner

Moodle Workshops

Let’s take a short summary “trip” of the recent MoodleMoot France 2017!

Day 1: Straight into it!

A more pleasant European summer greeted Moodlers in Lyon for MoodleMoot France 2017.

European summer greeted Moodlers

The first day of the #MootFR17 on Wednesday 18 June was dominated by sessions from Yves Condemine, Vice President of Digital Strategy at the University before an official open from the President of the Francophone MoodleMoot Committee, Nicolas Martignoni.

President of the Francophone MoodleMoot Committee, Nicolas Martignoni

Next on stage, our chief Moodler, Martin Dougiamas presented a keynote updating attendees on what has been happening and what is being planned at and by Moodle HQ.

Similar to his recent MoodleMoot Germany presentation less than a week before, Martin started the keynote with a reminder of Moodle’s vision, mission and values before providing an update on Moodle products and the development plan for each.

Martin also shared the direction Moodle will be heading towards for the next ten years – in terms of growth, new office locations and a continued strong focus (as emphasised on Martin’s new Moodle t-shirt) of empowering educators to improve our world.

Martin in his Moodle tshirt
You can view a similar presentation of Martin’s from the recent MoodleMoot Germany 2017 on our YouTube channel.

A total of 15 presentations followed the keynote address along with 6 workshops that covered a variety of topics including:

  • Crisis management simulation: game-based pedagogy with Moodle
  • Training for Moodle to become pedagogically creative?
  • Babar at Moodle: an online course on children’s album at the University of Tours
  • All you ever wanted to know about the workshop activity without ever daring ask

workshop activity

workshop activity

Day 2: Learning, learning and then “the” gala!

Thursday 29 June and day 2 of MoodleMoot France 2017 began with another opening session before another 25 presentations greeted participants. Some of these presentations included interesting topics and/or titles such as:

  • Discover the tools of Moodle through an escape game
  • Accompanying students: conditional courses in Moodle
  • Accompanying a learner-centered dynamic with Moodle
  • You’re talking to me?!
  • Save the Mice!

MoodleMoot presentation

A total of 9 workshops were also held on day 2, with topics covering everything from Boosting your Moodle through to lesson activities in Moodle!

MoodleMoot presentation

But day 2 was dominated by the “fun” and energetic spirit of our Moodle Community!

A MoodleMoot France 2017 photo booth set up was frequented by many attendees who also took the opportunity to pull their best poses.

MoodleMoot photobooth

Photobooth line

Day 2 ended in a conference gala, held at the beautiful chapel of the University.
gala night

If you look through the #MootFR17 tweets for the gala you will see beautiful imagery of the setting of the gala night in this magnificent chapel.

gala night
One of the main highlights of the night?!!

This amazing impromptu performance by Moodler Florence Usclade, with Michael Jackson performance that delighted everyone!

gala night

You can view parts of Florence’s amazing performance through this video.

Day 3: Back to business and last day of the conference

After a magnificent gala night, Moodlers returned to the University for a final day of presentations and workshops.

A total of 16 presentations were available for attendees to choose from, some of them included:

  • Scripting and learning in Moodle: the MoodleMoot Treasure Hunt Challenge
  • Moodle notebook: 20/20
  • Learning English through Moodle
  • Moodle rescues a course format that is unsuitable for language learning

presentations and workshops

Eight workshops covered topics from “Taking care of your Moodle” through to “Assessing competencies with Moodle.”

presentations and workshops

The day ended with a session called Dr Moodle, where Moodle experts took turns answering questions posed by the audience about well…everything Moodle!

Dr Moodle

Dr Moodle presentation

At 3pm on Friday 30 June, it was all over – another MoodleMoot France done for another year!

As our chief Moodler said it in his tweet:

Moodler Tweet

Follow @MoodleMootfr17 to see all the action via Twitter or head over to the website for copies of the program.