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Elearning Experts provides affordable Moodle™ consulting, implementation, hosting, support, themes, training, and instructional design services to clients throughout the world. For more information, visit http://elearningexperts.net. Contact: info@elearningexperts.net Phone: 757-772-0008.



Elearning Experts partners with Intelliboard to provide extensive reporting from Moodle.


Elearning Experts is an authorized provider of the Moodle Educator Certification Program (MEC). Learn more at: https://www.elearningexperts.net/mec-moodle-educator-certification


Elearning Experts provides consultation services ranging from general inquiries through long-term strategic planning. Our consulting team has broad expertise from business analysis through learning pedagogy. We are experienced in K12, technical school, higher ed, and corporate implementations.


Elearning Experts has a highly qualified and experienced instructional design team skilled in creating courses for all sectors within Moodle. We also have expertise in 3rd party tools such as Articulate, Captivate, Elucidat, and more.


Elearning Experts utilizes AWS for hosting. Our environment is optimized for Moode – highly available, highly secure, and designed to scale to extremely large installations as required. We have custom backup solutions for clients with unique needs.


Installation support is part of all Elearning Experts’ hosted solutions.


Elearning Experts partners with a variety of providers of 3rd party systems to integrate with Moodle including BigBlueButton, Intelliboard, Arlo, Course Merchant, Google Apps, EnlightenCRM, HRIS systems and more.


Elearning Experts provides a dedicated internal team to provide administrative, technical, instructional and training support. Our support contracts are highly customized to each individual client’s needs.


Elearning Experts has a theme team capable of customizations to Moodle themes, and are able to install and upgrade existing custom themes like those provided by ThemeForest and Enovato. A variety of stable, responsive, core themes are part of our standard installations.


Elearning Experts provides extensive training services, including virtual training by the hour and on-site training to English speaking clients. Our clients have access to online self-paced (asynchronous) Moodle training courses. Elearning Experts offers a Learn Moodle Mini-MOOC (in the latest version) on months when it is not available from Moodle HQ. Elearning Experts also offers the Moodle Educator Certification Program (MEC).

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