Moodle finalises acquisitions to accelerate services for a rapidly growing US online learning market

August 9, 2021 By Moodle

Moodle concludes the acquisition of three US based partners to create a new services company, Moodle US

Moodle Pty Ltd, the creator of Moodle software and the world’s largest provider of Moodle services, today announced the launch of Moodle US, a new services company created by the acquisition and merger of three respected Moodle certified partners: My Learning Consultants, Moonami Learning Solutions and Elearning Experts.

Portrait of Martin Dougiamas

Martin Dougiamas, Moodle Founder and CEO

Moodle Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas said, “We are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of Moodle US. Many thousands of institutions in the US (and hundreds of thousands worldwide) have been using our open source Moodle LMS over the past two decades, and the adoption of online learning is only increasing across all sectors, and all countries.”  

“Since 2005, Moodle Partners have been there to help customers use Moodle to its fullest advantage: to maximise learner engagement, to integrate with other software, and to ensure reliability and adaptability by taking care of the work of hosting a custom Moodle platform in the cloud, allowing institutions to focus more on providing quality educational experiences. Now that these three US partners have joined with us to create Moodle US, we have united an outstanding team of Moodle experts and hosting technology to allow us to provide an even higher level of Moodle services for customers in the US, under the Moodle name.”

“I am very happy to welcome Jonathan Moore, Michelle Moore, John Porten, Kathie Robeson, Galin Vassilev and all of their teams into Moodle HQ.”

Moodle US will be headed up by Jonathan Moore, the co-founder of My Learning Consultants.  Jonathan is an education technology strategist who has provided technical leadership to a wide range of education institutions and organizations in implementing Moodle based solutions over his 20 year career. Head of Technology will be undertaken by Galin Vassilev, former Moodle partner and for the last 10 years, Chief Technology Officer and co-CEO of Elearning Experts. Kathie Robeson, co-CEO of Elearning Experts, will utilise her extensive e-learning technologies and management experience to oversee the integration of the three companies. Customer Success will be led by Michelle Moore, co-owner of My Learning Consultants and an internationally recognized expert in online learning. While John Porten, former President of Moonami Learning Solutions and facilitator of large scale government and education institution Moodle contracts, will lead the Moodle US operations team. 

Portrait of Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore, Head of Moodle US

Jonathan Moore, Head of Moodle US explained, “We have been big Moodle advocates for many years. Moodle LMS is a mature, powerful, and flexible open source platform for learning. Moodle’s new Workplace platform has been an amazing entrant into the market, proving to be a great solution for all kinds of organizational training and learning. I’m excited about the team and the solutions we’re bringing together at Moodle US, and the opportunities to use our new scale to provide a very high level of quality Moodle services to organizations across the US. Whether you use Moodle already or not, come and talk to us to see what we can do for you.

Moodle US will provide services in custom development, learning design, a range of scalable hosting solutions, customizations, implementation, integrations, training and support whether with Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace or any other Moodle product.

Dougiamas said, “Moodle US is a great step forward both for Moodle and for the educators of all kinds that we serve. I fully expect the increased contact (and commercial pressure) from US customers will help us improve our open-source Moodle products even faster, which helps everyone. Today is another important milestone in Moodle’s growth and capabilities to help create open education infrastructure for the world.”

Watch our Video Interview: A discussion with Moodle CEO, Martin Dougiamas and members of the Moodle US management team –  Jonathan Moore (Head of Moodle US), Kathie Robeson, Michelle Moore and John Porten.

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About Moodle

Moodle Pty Ltd oversees the development of Moodle LMS, the open source learning management system used by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide, and incorporates an ecosystem of products and services including Moodle Workplace™, Moodle Apps, MoodleCloud, Moodle US and soon to be launched, Moodle Academy™ and MoodleNet™. 

Over the last two decades, Moodle LMS has been selected as the stable platform for many prestigious Universities in the world including the Open University UK, the Open University of Beijing with 2 million students and 100,000 teachers, and UNAM in Mexico with 150,000 students.  

It has constantly evolved through a commitment to pedagogy, open source technology and a collaborative global community of like-minded educators and technologists.  

The learning and development functionalities of Moodle LMS have been enhanced for workplace learning through Moodle Workplace, the flexible platform streamlining onboarding, compliance management and automation of common processes. It is used by large organisations such as the NHS in the UK, throughout many UNESCO organisations, and a number of the world’s military institutions such as the U.K. Navy and the U.S. Air Force.  

Moodle’s network of Certified Service Providers deliver expertise in hosting, customisation, support and training.

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