Moodle LMS

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The world’s open source learning platform

Moodle enables you to create a private learning space online full of engaging activities and material. You will always have full control of all your data and the way your staff, students and clients are on-boarded into the system.

Open source

True, full-featured, open source ensures you can own your site and your content on your own terms

Full integration

Strong admin features to make it integrate perfectly into any situation and with platforms and services like Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, NextCloud and others


Modern interface that can be customised through themes and settings to tailor your site to your organisation’s and learners’ needs


Thousands of free community-created plugins to add new functionality to support students, teachers and administrators


Build your multimedia content with full support for all students, following common accessibility standards. Benefit from integrated accessibility checking tools when adding and editing your text


Strong support on mobile devices (phones, tablets and laptops) with full functionality for students

Analytics and tracking

Monitor your learners with enhanced completion tracking and personalised learning plans, built from competency frameworks and learning objectives. Benefit from Moodle’s powerful analytics to predict and support learners at risk of failing

Socialise your learning

Support your learners on their journey through private messaging, group activities and collaborative experiences

Don’t have a site yet? Sign up today with MoodleCloud

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MoodleCloud is a cloud-hosted solution for your learning environment. Create your site in minutes and don’t worry about maintenance or updates: we take care of that.

Get Moodle for your workplace

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Empower your team with an effective learning solution for training and development. Moodle Workplace has been designed from the ground up to support organisations and businesses.

Download the free Moodle App

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If your organisation is already using Moodle, the free Moodle App allows you to access all your courses and studies directly on your mobile devices and work online and offline.

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