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The world’s open source learning platform

Moodle enables you to create a private learning space online full of engaging activities and material. You will always have full control of all your data and the way your staff, students and clients are on-boarded into the system.

Open source

You own your site and your content on your own terms. Our LMS is true, full-featured open source and ensures you always have full control.

Full integration

Connect your LMS seamlessly with platforms and services like Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, NextCloud and more.

Complete customisation

Showcase your brand and tailor your site to your organisation’s and learner’s needs. Our modern interface allows you to customise not only the look and feel of your platform, but also lots of admin settings.

Thousands of extensions

Add extra functionality for learners, teachers and admins with our free, community-created plugins.

Accessibility compliance

Our integrated text accessibility checking tools help you build courses and content with full support for all students, following common accessibility standards.


Your LMS will have full functionality for students. Give your students the flexibility to learn from any device.

Learning Analytics insights

Monitor your learners with enhanced completion tracking and personalised learning plans, and get insights to predict and support students at risk of failing.

Social Learning

Foster collaborative learning amongst your students through group activities, forums, chats and other tools to share knowledge.

Build your online learning site in minutes

Learning should be accessible to anyone, from anywhere in the world, at any time. No matter where your students are, at home, abroad or at another campus, their learning journey can remain consistent, engaging and individualised.

Get Moodle for your workplace

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Empower your team with an effective learning solution for training and development. We have designed Moodle Workplace from the ground up to support organisations and businesses.

Learn on your phone

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Do you use Moodle to learn and study? Our free Moodle App enables you to access all your courses and studies directly on your mobile devices and work online and offline.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

All your questions, answered in one extensive Moodle Knowledge Base

What's new

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