Moodle LMS

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The world’s most trusted open-source learning management system

With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, more organisations choose us to support their education and training needs than any other platform around the world.

Moodle LMS in a nutshell

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Open Source

You’re in control. From data ownership, privacy and security to setting up the look & feel of your Moodle site and adding extra functionality to it. Open source means you decide what happens, and how, in your platform.


Flexible Learning

Blended learning, fully remote, collaborative group activities, self-paced courses… Moodle supports all types of teaching and provides tools to measure and recognise progress for you and for your learners.


Mobile Learning

With the Moodle App, learners can access all your content, submit activities and complete assignments from their mobile devices - and can continue learning even if they are offline.


Accessible for all

We develop Moodle following WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards. Our integrated content accessibility checkers help you build courses with full support for all learners.


Security & Privacy

As an open source project, we have many people looking at our code and making it completely secure. When it comes to privacy, our built-in tools allow you to manage privacy policies and data to meet your local legislation requirements, including GDPR compliance.


Easy Integration

The Moodle LMS connects seamlessly with third-party platforms and services; from plagiarism detection to content repositories. We follow open standards like SCORM and AICC, IMS-LTI for external apps, RSS, LDAP, and more.

Why Moodle for MOOCs?

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Moodle LMS, the open-source platform used by over 250 million learners worldwide is ideally suited for the delivery of MOOCs (massive open online courses).

An LMS platform that responds to your needs

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With our Moodle LMS, you have 3 ways to get your hands on Moodle. You can download it with the freedom to install, build and customise it on your own server, you can use our ready-made platform hosted in our cloud or you can go with our Certified Moodle Partners for custom services to create tailor-made Moodle solutions capable of meeting specific needs.

Do it yourself

  • Download, install, host, modify and customise your own site
  • Community support throughout your journey
  • Open-source and free forever

Start with us

  • Free to try for 45 days (no credit card needed)
  • Robust, reliable and affordable hosting by Moodle
  • Suitable for those who do not require code-level customisations and integrations

Need more help?

  • Set up your LMS with a Certified Moodle Partner
  • Get expert consultancy with code-level customisations, implementation, integrations and support

Explore how people are using Moodle

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