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Liip is a well established, trilingual (de/fr/en) web development company based in Fribourg, Zürich, Lausanne, St.-Gallen and Berne (Switzerland). Since 2005, we offer a wide range of Moodle services including consulting, training, custom development, back-end integrations, managed hosting and support.



With the experience of numerous Moodle projects both small and large and with our didactic partner <strong><a href=””>LerNetz</a></strong> (Bern, Switzerland) we <strong>Liip</strong> is one of Switzerland’s first addresses in modern e-learning – fresh ideas and innovative solutions guaranteed.


As a contributor to several academic open source projects and contractor in a number of large-scale development projects, <strong>Liip</strong> has a proven track record in producing innovative web-based software and webservice-based integration solutions with Open Source Software and Open Standards.<br />
A strong Scrum project management approach assures high-quality deliverables – on time and on budget.


Liip offer a variety of different hosting packages to suit your needs, from starter Moodle installations, up to high-end large scale deployments.


Maintaining several high-profile Moodle installations in Switzerland, <strong>Liip</strong> plan, set up, host and maintain Moodle installations. Instances dedicated to exams taking can as well be deployed if relevant to your needs.


Standing behind several of Switzerland’s high-profile Moodle deployments <strong>Liip</strong> is prepared to support medium to large Moodle-related projects in German-speaking, French-speaking, and Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland thanks to several regional offices.


<strong>Liip</strong> implements custom themes which align Moodle branding to your corporate design and corporate identity (CI/CD). Custom-built themes support a user journey that keeps learners engaged by showing relevant content at the right time and place.


<strong>Liip</strong> works in close partnership with <strong><a href=””>LerNetz</a></strong> (Bern, Switzerland) for course content creation. Together we conceive digital strategies and blended learning scenarios based on interactive learning media and technologies.


In order to get the most out of Moodle, <strong>Liip</strong> offers a variety of face-to-face or remote training sessions in French, German and English for both Moodle administrators and course teachers. Our trainings are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.


<strong>Liip</strong> provides Moodle integrations to Customer Relationships (CRM), Student-Management Systems (SMS) and Single Sign-on (SSO) such as Switch AAI. We also configure integrations with LDAP, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office 365, WIRIS (mathematical notation), Turnitin (plagiarism detection), and Intelliboard.


<strong>Liip</strong> configures Intelliboard integrations which provides administrators and teachers with custom analytics dashboards which keep you informed about your learners progression.

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