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My Learning Space is a workplace learning company. Our mission is to help organisations like yours improve staff performance and business outcomes through better learning, training and development programs.

We can manage all aspects of your Moodle including hosting, support, training, consulting, customisation, system integration and content design.

My Learning Space has built its reputation by partnering with an array of clients in the corporate, government, education and not-for-profit sectors to deliver e-learning based on best practice. Our successful track record pays testimony to our ability to deliver professional services.

Whether your organisation is new to e-learning or established, we pride ourselves in empowering you with the right tools and knowledge to build upon your capabilities and resources to achieve better learning, training and development.



By making informed decisions early, you will save time and resources. When making changes to the operational processes of your organisation, unless you are an expert it is impossible to know what you do not know.

As experts in design, installation, implementation and management of Moodle, My Learning Space use their extensive experience to take the guess work out of your project, ensuring your project runs smoothly from inception to completion.


My Learning Space’s award-winning instructional designers can create engaging and effective e-learning content which seamlessly integrates with your Moodle site, enabling the assessment, tracking and reporting of learner progress. Naturally, the content is compliant with web accessibility guidelines, and responsive to desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Does your organisation have unique needs? My Learning Space can extend Moodle’s standard functionality to meet your specific requirement. Our talented development team can build the most functional and cost effective solution to your needs.


My Learning Space take care of the technical aspects of hosting your Moodle site, such as installation, configuration, security, optimisation, backups and upgrades – on an ongoing basis for a small fraction of the cost of employing your own IT team. Meanwhile, you get to focus on core business.

Your Moodle site will be hosted onshore on world-class infrastructure in an Australian Government approved data centre. You can expect a highly available, stable, secure and scalable service.


If you prefer to host Moodle on-premise or bring your own cloud, My Learning Space take care of the Moodle software installation and configuration on your local server or cloud service.


My Learning Space can integrate other systems with Moodle to enhance the overall experience for your organisation and its users. This includes integration with authentication, content management, e-commerce, human resource, portfolio, repository and student management systems.


My Learning Space is here to help whenever you need us. Whether it is answering a question about the operation of your Moodle site or a technical issue, our expert support team are ready to help.


My Learning Space can design you a beautiful Moodle theme to promote your organisation’s brand in the best imaginable way. All our themes are accessible, intuitive and responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


My Learning Space can show you how to unlock the full potential of Moodle for your organisation. Whether you are new to Moodle and need to get off to a flying start or want to learn more – a practical workshop facilitated by our Moodle trainer ensures your key staff learn how to manage online courses, users, collaboration, content, assessment, reporting, mobile and more.

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