Embracing AI for educators – An interview with Michelle Lomman, MyLearningSpace

February 22, 2024 By Sonya Trivedi

AI is quickly transforming and reshaping teaching and learning practices.  While this presents numerous opportunities, educators may feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of AI development, especially as they face growing pressure to adopt new technologies.  

In a recent interview, Michelle Lomman, a Learning Experience Manager at Moodle Premium Certified Partner, MyLearningSpace, shares insights on the ways to overcome the challenges of embracing the ever-evolving AI landscape. She underlines the importance of not getting overwhelmed by AI, but embracing experimentation whilst recognising AI’s limitations.

Embracing AI opportunities

Embracing new technology, especially AI, offers numerous opportunities for innovation and progress. Michelle believes that to fully exploit these advantages, we must confront our reluctance to embrace ‘change head-on’.

Educators could take advantage of a number of beneficial AI use cases, including revising and simplifying content, creating step-by-step instructions, writing simulations, and role-plays, among others. She explains, “SAI tools can even adopt your organisation’s unique writing style, adding a personalised touch to online learning.”

Michelle expands on the benefits of utilising AI within Moodle courses, including the creation of content, provision of divergent learning resources, simplification of intricate information, and more. This could extend to the transcription of spoken words, completing assessments, initiating stimulating discussion themes, and drafting FAQs. Such applications can significantly shorten the time spent by course creators while keeping a high quality of support provided to learners. 

Furthermore, she explains that AI tools can help generate video scripts, refine pedagogical content, and convert traditional tools such as spreadsheets into graphical presentations. By employing an AI chatbot, educators get the advantage of maintaining high availability without compromising their personal time.

Addressing AI challenges

AI is not just reshaping our lives and the way organisations operate, but it’s also introducing complex dilemmas that need our immediate attention.

By dedicating time to understanding, engaging with, and testing AI systems, educators can capitalise on AI’s potential while recognising and compensating for inherent prejudices and the brisk pace at which AI information evolves.

Michelle elaborates that the principal obstacle to adopting AI is our tendency to resist change. As a solution, she suggests that educators should devote ample time to exploring and experimenting with AI while acknowledging biases and the barriers of existing information.

She also emphasises that despite AI’s presence in our lives for years, its recent advancements and increased availability have significantly magnified its influence. The fast-paced evolution of AI might seem daunting, but Michelle suggests that the key to keeping stride lies in seeking diverse sources of information — from actively participating in the Moodle community to subscribing to AI newsletters and engaging on platforms like X. The success in this approach lies in embracing collaborative efforts, wide-ranging learning, and open discussions.

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Watch the video

Michelle encourages listeners to see AI as a transformative tool – powerful in the right hands and with the right intent. 

Watch our video to learn how, through continuous learning and adaptation, educators can use AI to optimise and reinvent their teaching style, making learning more comprehensive and rewarding for all learners.

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