Moodle Certified Integration Partner ReadSpeaker supports accessibility within Moodle LMS

September 12, 2022 By Niamh Macdonald

ReadSpeaker joins Moodle as our newest Certified Integration Partner!

ReadSpeaker works with over 1000 institutions in 70 countries to support accessibility, inclusion, engagement, and learner success.

Creating an inclusive and engaging environment

The ReadSpeaker for Moodle text-to-speech plugin is simple to implement and automatically speech enables content directly within Moodle LMS. Listeners can listen to text with just the click of the ReadSpeaker button. The button includes a suite of easy-to-use speech-enabled accessibility tools, ensuring inclusivity for all students, even for those who face physical or cognitive barriers to learning. With ReadSpeaker, all learners can easily access course content within the Moodle learning environment and have an equal learning experience.

“For years, the easy-to-implement ReadSpeaker for Moodle text-to-speech plugin has been helping educators provide students with UDL-enhanced content and accessibility tools at their fingertips, directly within the Moodle environment. We are thrilled to be a Certified Integration Partner, working closely with Moodle to create a more inclusive and engaging education environment for all Moodlers,” says Roy Lindemann, Cofounder and CMO of ReadSpeaker.

Increasing learner interactivity

The immersive features of ReadSpeaker include a pop-up menu that allows you to listen, translate, or look up selected words, phrases, or paragraphs, and User Settings to personalize reading speed, highlight preferences, font, font size, colors, and more. Content can be read in 50+ languages and 200+ high-quality, natural-sounding voices.

Moodle’s Technology Partner Manager, Carles Aguiló Collado, says, “Moodle 4.0 and the next subsequent minor Moodle releases are all about user experience. We have put a lot of effort into listening to what users were telling us and conducted user research to discover which elements would have a greater impact on teachers’ and students’ lives. The addition of ReadSpeaker as a Certified Integration Partner aligns beautifully with this commitment, as their text-to-speech technology and the set of extra tools that they bring onboard all focus on increasing the ability of the user to interact with the content in their preferred way.”

To learn more about ReadSpeaker’s services, visit their Partner Profile.

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