Moodle has signed a partnership with Motrain in the U.S., a personalized corporate motivational solution designed to engage learners in fun and successful training by offering incentives for completing activities and courses.

“Through our partnership with Motrain, we are helping our clients create online learning experiences that have higher engagement and better completion rates while providing a more personal user experience,” says Jonathan Moore, Head of Moodle US. “We look forward to the opportunities this will provide to better service new and existing customers.”

Motrain’s mission is to improve online learning and training for employees and customers by tackling the most common problems in online learning. Their team of instructional designers and gamification experts helps organizations maximize training initiatives.

“I am ecstatic to be partnering with Moodle and its flexible, open-source learning platform. We’ve started some amazing projects with our friends over there, so this partnership feels overdue!” says Jeff Campbell, Founder, and CEO of Motrain.

“It’s been such a pleasure to work with their team while helping clients and learners get the most out of their programs.  We’re looking forward to leveraging Moodle Workplace and helping provide organizations with a retention and loyalty solution.”

About Motrain

Motrain is a loyalty and retention solution that helps engage customers and employees in their training. By creating a unique incentive system for each group of learners that can include real items and/or opportunities, Motrain strengthens a learner’s connection to their instruction and their organization. Motrain creates loyal customers and helps increase enrollments and course completions while opening up powerful new marketing opportunities. Motrain helps engage employees with their training which leads to improved job performance, satisfaction, and retention.

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About Moodle

As a division of Moodle, the Moodle Services and Support team provides advanced skills and services to enable customers to build the best online learning experiences in the world. Our team of experts will work with you to identify your unique needs whether you are seeking support with hosting, course design, custom development, or anything in between. Scale your level of support and service to suit your specific requirements.

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