Moving mandatory training online can help your organization save time and money. But if the move from in-person to online training isn’t done correctly, it can cause non-compliance with regulators and may be inadmissible in a legal defense. Perhaps most concerning of all is that the training will not be effective in mitigating risk.

This webinar focuses on the key reasons why organizations end up regretting the move to online training and the best practices that are most commonly missed.

We’ll show you how to address the limitations of online training to ensure that yours does the following:

  • Demonstrates compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Demonstrates due diligence/legal compliance to regulators
  • Avoids legal liability (civil or criminal)
  • Protects reputation and integrity
  • Ensures effective risk mitigation

This webinar is not industry-specific and is relevant to any organization that administers training to adhere to regulatory compliance.