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We make your LMS journey easy

Whether you need to start a learning platform from scratch or you already have yours running but would like training, customisation or technical assistance, we can connect you with the right Moodle Partner to provide the Moodle service you need.

Our Moodle Partners are experts in Moodle and edtech that operate as an extension of Moodle HQ and provide local services and support distinctive to each region.

All the members of our Moodle Partners network have been certified by us to ensure that their services and solutions will get the best outcomes from your Moodle learning environment.

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How can Moodle Partners help you?

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Moodle Partners – Certified Services Providers deliver services and support to make sure you get the best outcomes from your Moodle learning environment.


Leave all the technical background work of getting your site up and running – installation, configuration, backups, upgrades – in the safe hands of our Moodle Partners.


Let our Moodle Partners integrate your existing systems and other popular software such as Google Apps, Xero, Salesforce, HR tools, Microsoft and more, to work seamlessly together with your Moodle site.


Add your own custom features such as reporting, data analytics, extra assignment functionalities and more to your Moodle learning platform with development services.

Support & Training

Get customer support and services for all your technical enquiries around your platform; or access workshops and training from Moodle Partners.


Get expert advice from our Moodle Partners – scoping, development, implementation – for the best Moodle e-learning solution.


Get all the technical assistance and implementation support from our Moodle Partner to successfully host your Moodle learning platform remotely or on-site.

Reporting /Analytics

Our Moodle Partners can advise you on how to access custom reporting and analytics on your learning platform and use them to improve educational outcomes, guide organisational decisions or enhance business objectives.


Get assistance from our Moodle Partners to create high quality, engaging learning content that you specifically need for your learners.

Why use a Moodle Partner?

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Moodle Partners are leading education technology companies who have years of experience with Moodle projects and the expertise to deliver high quality projects.

Access services and support near your location

Moodle Partners deliver services locally in their regions, so they will know your business, environment and language

Moodle Partners have earned our stamp of approval

We have certified their ability to deliver Moodle services, so you can be assured they will do a good job!

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Contribute to enhancing Moodle for everyone

Moodle Partners are a key supporting part of the Moodle community, so that we can make our open source project even more awesome for you

Contribute to empowering educators

A portion of the money that you pay for Moodle Partner services goes directly to support and improve Moodle

Interested in becoming a Moodle Partner?

For more information on partnering with Moodle, complete the enquiry form below and one of our team members will be in contact to discuss next steps.