What are Moodle Partner Services?

Moodle Partners Certified Services Providers deliver services and support to make sure you get the best outcomes from your Moodle learning environment.

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Moodle Consulting

Get expert advice from our Moodle Partners - scoping, development, implementation - for the best Moodle 
e-learning solution.
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Custom Theme

Work with our Moodle Partners to have your Moodle reflect your brand's look and feel through development or customisation of a Moodle theme.

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Moodle Hosting

Leave all the technical background work of getting your site up and running - installation, configuration, backups, upgrades - in the safe hands of our Moodle Partners.
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Moodle Courseware

Get assistance from our Moodle Partners to create high quality, engaging learning content that you specifically need for your learners.

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Moodle Support

Access customer support and services for all your technical and day-to-day questions for your Moodle learning platform from our Moodle Partners.
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Moodle Analytics

Talk to our Moodle Partners on how you can access custom reporting and analytics reports on your learning platform and use them to improve educational outcomes, guide organisational decisions or enhance business objectives.

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Moodle Customisation

Add your own custom features (such as reporting, data analytics, extra assignment functionalities and more) to your Moodle learning platform with development services from our Moodle Partner.
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Moodle Integrations

Let our Moodle Partners integrate your existing systems and other popular software such as Google Apps, Xero, Salesforce, HR tools, Microsoft and more, to work seamlessly together with your Moodle site.

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Moodle Training

Access relevant workshops and training from Moodle Partners so that your educators or staff need so that know the best and easiest way to use their Moodle e-learning platform.
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Moodle MCCC Certifications

Become an expert course developer for the Moodle learning platform by getting the Moodle Course Creator Certificate from our Moodle Partners.

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Moodle Installation

Get all the technical assistance and implementation support from our Moodle Partner to successfully host your Moodle learning platform remotely or on-site.

Why work with a Moodle Partner?

There are a number of reasons to use a Moodle Partner. Here are four of the main reasons:

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Access services and support near your location

Our Moodle Partners are an extension of Moodle HQ and provide local services and support, distinctive to your region. Hence, when you contact a local Moodle Partner, you can be sure that they know your working environment, language, business.

They have earned our stamp of approval

Moodle is a global and trusted brand. To be part of our Moodle Partner network, organisations will need to provide high quality services, have a strong local reputation and client base, and work collaboratively to advance our mission, vision and values.
When you choose a Moodle Partner Certified Services Provider, you will be working with experts who will provide you the best support and services.
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Contribute to enhancing Moodle for everyone

Moodle Partners play a key role within our strong global community by providing plugins to extend Moodle features, security and bug fixes and valuable feedback within the many discussion forums that support Moodle users. Working with our Moodle Partners means that you will always get above and beyond as they continually work to enhance the Moodle learning platform.

Contribute to empowering educators

Moodle Partners pay a portion of their income to us, in the form of royalties. Royalties keep the Moodle open source project moving forward - to further ongoing development and enhancement, and importantly advance our mission of empowering educators, of all kinds, with superior tools so that they can help improve our world.

Please note: There are organisations/individuals who offer Moodle-related services but are not Moodle Partners and have not been certified to provide Moodle services. Search our database to make sure you are choosing and working with a Certified Moodle Partner.