Learning Analytics For Moodle

Learning analytics are key to delivering improved and personalised online learning experiences. 

Moodle has a range of inbuilt analytics tools, open source plugins, and integrations that offer insights for educators and trainers.

Understanding learning analytics

What are learning analytics?

Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners. They are used to gain insights on how to optimise the individual learning experience and eLearning environment, such as the Moodle LMS platform.

Types of learning analytics

There are four types of learning analytics that can help you improve your course or staff training. Let’s review them beginning from the basic level up to the more advanced.
Descriptive Analytics Image

Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics is a method used to search and summarise data to identify patterns of behaviour and performance. Within eLearning, this could include the number of course enrolments, pass percentages, and assessment scores. This information can help you make informed decisions about future courses and approaches to learning.

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics estimate what is likely to happen to the learner using existing data findings. They are useful for identifying potential barriers that learners may encounter in their learning experience. This allows educators to develop opportunities for early intervention and targeted support.

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Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics help you to fully understand what has occurred within a specific learning journey. You can identify patterns in the learner’s results or overall course performance to get insights into potential problems or opportunities for improvement.

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Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics provide solutions on what should be done to create the best learning outcomes. This can help you strategically plan for learning interventions, such as a simulation that can be delivered in stages to support learning in a simulated environment.

Analytics for education

Used in K-12 and higher education, student analytics can involve viewing trends in participation and submissions; measuring key indicators of student performance; and other data that helps educators understand their learners’ progress.

Educational analytics can help you:

  • Predict student academic performance and learners who are at risk of failing a course or dropping out of their studies, so that you can deliver personalised and timely support.
  • Continuously improve your eLearning courses and programs with data-driven insights
  • Develop best practices for students, educators, and institutions to better understand how learning occurs.
Analytics for education
Corporate learning analytics

Corporate learning analytics

Learning analytics aren’t just useful in a traditional education setting – they are integral to cultivating a strong workforce and ensuring business readiness in a rapidly-changing world.

Enterprise learning analytics can help you:

  • Identify knowledge gaps and put plans in place to support your employees.
  • Target improvement across employees and provide a personalised learning experience, which can help boost employee wellbeing and retention rates. 
  • Mitigate risks through risk and learner gap assessments and compliance training.
Moodle data analytics

Does Moodle have analytics?

Yes, Moodle has analytics! Moodle provides LMS analytics through a variety of built-in reports based on log data, giving the educator a holistic picture of the participants in their learning journey over a specified period of time.

Through the Moodle Learning Analytics API, you can set up analytics to track certain metrics and make predictions based on user data.

You can learn more about our built-in analytics and API here.

There are also various third-party plugins and Moodle Certified Integrations that provide descriptive analytics and off-site reporting solutions.

Does Moodle have analytics?
LMS analytics integrations with Moodle
Moodle learning analytics

LMS analytics integrations with Moodle

If you’re looking for learning analytics tools that offer more comprehensive insights and enhanced reporting, we recommend using one of our Moodle Certified Integrations for analytics.

These are integrations which work seamlessly with Moodle, and have been carefully vetted by our team against strict security and technical standards.

There are currently two Moodle Certified Integrations that you can install for your Moodle site: IntelliBoard and LearnerScript.

Here’s a quick overview of each integration and what insights they can provide you with.

IntelliBoard: Learning analytics platform

IntelliBoard collects and analyses your LMS data to help you evaluate and improve the performance of your eLearning initiatives.

The IntelliBoard Learning Analytics Platform combines all your data sources in one place to provide insights on every phase of the learning process. With their customisable Predictive Learning Analytics feature, you can automatically identify at-risk learners for earlier interventions.

The platform also makes it easy to understand and share key insights with different stakeholders through an extensive library of data visualisations, dashboards, and custom reports.

Whether you’re an educational institution or enterprise organisation, integrating IntelliBoard with Moodle enables you to make data-driven decisions to increase learner engagement, persistence, and retention.

IntelliBoard: Learning analytics platform
LearnerScript: LMS reporting and analytics software

LearnerScript: LMS reporting and analytics software

LearnerScript is an enhanced LMS reporting tool that helps you measure learning outcomes, understand unique learner needs, and get actionable insights on how to improve your courses and programmes.

Easy to use and customisable for any organisation, LearnerScript comes with four dashboards and more than 80 default reports to visualise your LMS data.

Elearning analytics

Track the learning metrics and analytics that matter most

Through our range of learning analytics tools, educators and decision-makers can gain deeper insights into individual learning needs, as well as how corporate training programmes are aligning with organisational targets.

With a greater understanding of how the learner is responding to the course, you can create an online learning experience that benefits everyone by ensuring every element helps them towards achieving their goals.

Track the learning metrics and analytics that matter most

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