Moodle is the open source platform that lets you build the perfect education solution for your needs.

We’ve grown Moodle since 2001 as an open source platform for educators to develop and manage courses online.

Moodle is a modular system based on plugins, which are like lego blocks that you put together to build whatever you want.  There are plugins for different kinds of content, and plugins for all kinds of collaborative activities, which is where Moodle really shines.  As an example our Workshop plugin manages a full peer assessment process, so you can get hundreds of students accurately grading each other’s assignments (that can save you a lot of time!).  Add some tracking and reports and the ability to add more plugins from the community or even ones you write yourself, and you can build some pretty amazing education environments.

The Moodle project is run by Moodle HQ from Perth, Australia, but would not be what it is without a huge community of users.  Our community work together and help each other on (itself a Moodle site), where they’ve taken Moodle’s founding principles of feedback and collaboration online and practise it in our Moodle forums, our wiki-based Moodle Documentation, our Moodle Tracker for bugs and new features, our course-sharing site, and our Moodle Translation portal (which means you can use Moodle in over 100 languages).


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Who pays for Moodle development?

We often get asked – if Moodle is free and open source, how do you get paid to develop it?

Unlike many technology companies today, Moodle is not funded by venture capitalists or indeed any type of investors.  We’ve been making Free software for a long time and we prefer business models that are based on our community, not on investors seeking returns or by selling customer data.

Moodle core development is funded almost entirely by our network of certified Moodle Partners who are there to help anyone who needs it.  They give 10% of their revenue to Moodle HQ and this funds our team of developers to maintain all the community resources and to develop and improve Moodle itself.

So, if you need someone to help you with Moodle, please use one of our Moodle Partners – you’ll be helping Moodle too.


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Who uses Moodle?

Moodle seems to be pretty much everywhere.  We’re proud of some of the big names you might have heard of, such as The Open University, Cisco, Mazda, Monash University, GAC Academy, Australian National University, Cambridge University, BP, Shell, Flinders University, Allianz, Novell, Microsoft and Louisiana State University, World Vision – to name a few.   However, we’re even more proud of the countless smaller institutions that we hear about where Moodle was the only solution they could have used.


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