Acquisition of Moodle Partner, eThink Education

eThink Education ceased to be a US-based Moodle Premium Certified Partner in December 2020 subsequent to their acquisition by LTG, a publicly listed company on the London Stock Exchange.  This followed the group’s acquisition of eCreators in October 2020, an Australian Moodle Partner prior to that event.

“We ended these two Partnerships with a heavy heart, because we disagreed with LTG’s overall strategy.  Acquiring service companies (and their customers) and moving them into a closed system is against the values and direction that we think are best for the education technology industry,” says Martin Dougiamas, Moodle CEO and Founder.

In order to provide continuity to eThink clients and alleviate concerns, Moodle issued a short-term license to cover existing Moodle Workplace sites on eThink servers.  This short-term agreement will cease on 28 February 2021 which means that eThink customers on Moodle Workplace will be given until 28 August 2021 to migrate to a Moodle Certified Premium Partner or an alternative software platform.

Moodle Workplace is an advanced version of Moodle that has been built together with Moodle’s Partner network as a unique product for the workplace learning market.  Revenue from Moodle Workplace helps to fund the development of Moodle’s open source projects, as well as contributing directly to the open source Moodle platform as its advanced features are migrated to Moodle LMS in every release.

“One of the greatest strengths of Moodle is the size and reach of our global community.  At the core of that community is our 100-strong network of Moodle Partners helping to ensure the success of each e-learning project based on Moodle or Moodle Workplace, while still giving clients choice about their vendor and the ability to own their own platform and data.  This is a fundamental benefit our users realise through our use of Open Education Technology,” Dougiamas says.

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About Moodle

The engine of the Moodle ecosystem, Moodle LMS, is the customisable open source learning management platform used by over 250 million learners worldwide. Developed in conjunction with Moodle’s loyal community and a commitment to pedagogy and the educational opportunities that online learning provides, Moodle LMS is complemented by an ecosystem of products including Moodle Workplace™ and a network of partners and services providing hosting, customisations, implementation, training, instructional design and support.

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