Leading Australian digital solutions agency, Balance Internet, joins Moodle Certified Service Provider network

August 24, 2021 By Moodle

Balance Internet is a leading Australian digital solutions agency with a suite of accreditations and accolades in digital lead innovation and transformation underpinned by open source technology.  Working with leading Australian brands, retailers, government agencies, educational institutions and corporations, Balance Internet has a strong grounding in designing, implementing and integrating digital commerce and online learning solutions.  Moodle is pleased to welcome Balance Internet as a new Moodle Certified Service Provider in Australia.


Servicing the rapid growth between eLearning and eCommerce

James Horne, CEO of Balance Internet said, “At Balance Internet, we’re at the forefront of digital transformation strategy and development. We’ve operated in the eCommerce industry since 2008. In recent years, we have seen rapid growth of the intersection between eLearning and eCommerce. As a result, our core business offering has shifted this way and we wanted to partner with Moodle to continue delivering innovative experiences in the market.  We are incredibly excited about the digital experiences we can create moving forward, with Moodle’s technology as the foundation. We pride ourselves on working with best in class technologies to create intelligent, creative and results-driven digital solutions.”


Harnessing open source technology

Balance Internet has worked with leading open source technology platforms for 13 years. In particular, they are one of the most experienced eCommerce solution providers in the Asia Pacific region having undertaken a significant amount of unique and innovative custom development of Adobe Commerce (previously Magento) to respond to their client’s unique challenges and transform user experience. 

Horne explained, “What really drew us to Moodle was their open-source technology – it provides such a genuinely flexible platform for any number of eLearning scenarios. The possibilities in Australia are extensive, and we are incredibly excited to explore them in partnership with Moodle.”


Growth in the Australian online learning market

Mirroring global trends, the Australian online education market has grown significantly over the last decade and more recently has been marked by increased adoption of online learning in workplaces to reskill, upskill, and deliver lifelong learning to workforces – not only in corporates but organisations across a wide range of industries – healthcare, government departments and not for profits.

In the Australian market, Balance Internet identifies increasing opportunities to work with higher education, educational institutes of all sizes, and government departments and agencies to transform their knowledge into learning opportunities. 

“There are often hurdles for organisations to invest significantly in online learning models. However, the last 12 months of remote work, remote learning and distance learning through the pandemic has done a tremendous amount to speed up digital transformation and disruption for education. It has also garnered significant interest from leading organisations looking to commercialise their courses and IP,” said Horne.


Services offered by Balance Internet

With a strong grounding in consulting and strategy, Balance Internet works in partnership with organisations, government agencies and education institutions to think outside of the box, beyond how learning materials can be digitalised, to take advantage of the numerous additional opportunities that Moodle LMS technology provides. 

“Beyond ensuring competencies and compliance of students, graduate recruits, employees etc., organisations can create immersive workplace learning programs which support individuals to learn different skill sets, those once only gained through the physical workplace. For example, we could harness Moodle LMS technology to teach secondary school students about effective communication with teammates on group assignments, as would be expected in the real-life workplace; we could teach software engineering graduates entering a new workplace about our code auditing process through a real-life team event run through the LMS as part of their HR onboarding. Or, senior company employees about how to get the most out of professional development and further learning opportunities, in addition to a learning opportunity itself,” said Horne.

Balance Internet delivers a full suite of Moodle services including consulting, data analytics, installation, customisation, learning design, content management, themes, user experience, training, hosting, infrastructure, support and maintenance.  They also deliver niche services for eCommerce and LMS integrations with Moodle to create unified digital education and commerce solutions.


Balance Internet Clients

In 2020, Balance Internet was an integral partner in the delivery of the Australian federal government supported Skill Finder website.  A key COVID economic recovery initiative, Balance Internet enabled collaboration between leading Australian and global technology companies to create a comprehensive online marketplace so that all Australians can be connected with new digital skills.

Other key clients include Monash University, The Australian Government – Services Australia (Department of Human Services) , Child Care Finder, Recovery Connect, Ego Pharmaceutical, Independence Australia, Krispy Kreme ANZ, Mitre 10 and E&S Trading.

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