Escuela Del Agua (School of Water), was founded in 2012 by Agbar, a leading organisation with more than 150 years of experience in water and environmental management in Spain and Latin America. With assistance from Moodle Premium Certified Service Provider, 3ipunt, Escuela Del Agua platform uses Moodle Workplace, to provide training for companies, administrations, and professionals in the water sector.

There are currently more than 21,000 learners using Escuela Del Agua, including employees of Agbar and professionals outside of the organisation. Escuela Del Agua caters to a range of individual training needs, including operational fields, such as for operators who manage technical water installations, administration, and middle management.

Enhancing employee productivity

Escuela Del Agua was previously using a platform based on Moodle LMS 3.9 to deliver training to 14,400 learners. They decided to look for a new learning solution as it was important to them to integrate new functionalities including more customisation options for their clients, competency diagnoses and the creation of personalised training activities. The organisation was facing challenges with loading all of the content onto their previous platform and structuring new training programs to meet learners needs.

“We were looking for a platform that would allow access to a wide range of up-to-date content and online learning resources that the employee could proactively manage, under the premises established by the training department. We wanted to promote employee self-learning and enhance their productivty,” said Lluc Pejó, General Manager of Escuela Del Agua.

An overview of the Escuela Del Agua course Image An overview of the Escuela Del Agua course

Choosing a customisable LMS for employee training

When evaluating possible solutions, Escuela Del Agua was impressed by the flexibility of Moodle Workplace as it includes all of the features and functionality of open-source Moodle LMS with advanced tools for employee training. Escuela Del Agua was also reassured that Moodle is used globally by organisations and educational institutions, with over 316,000,000 users worldwide.

For Escuela Del Agua, Moodle Workplace offered the must-haves for a successful training platform, including the ability to assign training to staff through the program tool, creating dynamic rules to enrol participants in programs, track their progress and send diplomas, and the reporting tool to create reports with all the necessary information to monitor training. 

The entire management committee, formed by the different area managers of the School of Water, as well as the IT departments and the organisation’s senior management were involved in the selection process. 


An example list of competency frameworks in the Escuela Del Agua platform  Image An example list of competency frameworks in the Escuela Del Agua platform

Assess, train, and enhance teams capabilities

Escuela Del Agua decided to work with a Moodle Certified Premium Partner 3ipunt to tackle the complexities of setting a competencies model in the sanitary sector. Using Moodle Workplace, Escuela Del Agua launched their NEREXA platform to deliver online training services. NEREXA provides access to a wide range of updated content on water, the environment and sustainability, and online learning resources that the user can proactively manage. It contains technical training that promotes participant learning through personalised itineraries. 

The NEREXA platform includes features like gamification to enhance the users proactivity and diagnosis of professional skills to assess, train and enhance the capabilities of their team. Using Moodle, the reporting tool has allowed Escuela Del Agua to exploit the data they need. Additionally, the dynamic rules tool means they can track participant progress at a rate much faster than they had initially anticipated.

To find out more about Escuela Del Agua and their online training services, visit their website.

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