Certify your learners’ skills and competences with Open Badges v2.0 on Moodle 3.9

July 31, 2020 By Júlia Verdaguer

The 1EdTech (previously IMS Global) Learning Consortium has vetted the latest version of our open source LMS to follow their standards to issue Open Badges v2.0

Open Badges: verifiable digital credentials

Open Badges are the world’s leading format for digital badges and are used to certify learning or the mastery of skills. Educational institutions, employers and organisations worldwide accept them as legitimate digital credentials to recognise knowledge, competencies, and achievements.

Essentially, Open Badges are images that contain a series of metadata with information about the accomplishment they certify, including who earned the badge, who issued it and the criteria required to obtain it. This means that when you click on an open badge, you’ll know what the person did to achieve it and you’ll also obtain a link back to the institution that has issued the badge, where you’ll be able to verify it or obtain more information. Open Badges are not owned by any organisation: they’re open source, free and accessible to everyone.

Moodle LMS 3.9: a certified Open Badges issuer

The 1EdTech Global Learning Consortium is the organisation that develops and maintains the Open Badges standard amongst other educational standards for data interoperability. In 2020, 1EdTech has certified Moodle 3.8 and Moodle 3.9 as Open Badges v2.0 Issuers.

This certification verifies that the information contained in Moodle Badges is packaged in the exact way that 1EdTech defines” says Moodle LMS Developer Sara Arjona. “By following 1EdTech latest standard, Badges issued in Moodle 3.8 and 3.9 can be read and seamlessly imported into badge backpacks, which allow you to organise, manage and publicly display your badges as digital credentials in one centralised place”.

Example of a Badge issued in Moodle. It contains information about the recipient, the issuer and the badge itself. The achiever can download it or easily add it to a badge backpack.

Contributing to building up a rich, open and integrated digital ecosystem for teaching and learning is aligned with our values at Moodle – and we’re committed to using open source and open standards to keep technology sustainable and available to everyone.

Learn more about configuring and issuing badges for your learners on Moodle in the Badges documentation.