Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin


The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) provides eLearning programs focused in healthcare education to students across the state in grades K4-8. Educating over 95,000 students and teachers on Moodle, CHW’s fun and interactive eLearning programs educate youth with proven success in decreasing bullying, injuries, obesity and drug use. Made possible with Moodle, Lambda Solutions redesigned CHW’s Moodle Theme for an improved user experience both aesthetically and functionally. Lambda also designed Custom Moodle Reports for CHW, saving them time and money. What would once take up to two weeks to create Moodle Reports on student and course-wide success, now takes seconds!

The Challenge

Before partnering with Lambda Solutions, CHW was experiencing challenges due to an outdated and inflexible Moodle site. CHW’s previous Moodle Services Partner focused on a large amount of customization for their Moodle site preventing them from being able to safely upgrade to the latest version of Moodle. This put their content and users at risk. Bridget Clementi, Executive Director of Community Health and Education recognized that significant customization of their Moodle site put them in a position where they were not able to keep up with important Moodle updates.

The Solution

When looking for a new Moodle Partner to work with, CHW conducted a formal RFP process in order to gain comprehensive knowledge on the Moodle expertise that could be provided to them. Looking for a partner who had previous experience in providing learning management systems for the healthcare sector, CHW was enthusiastic to learn about Lambda Solutions due to their history serving healthcare clients.

In order to help facilitate this growth, Lambda provided three solutions for an improved experience for end-users: Managed Moodle Cloud Hosting, Moodle Custom Reportsa Moodle Upgrade & a Lambda Custom Moodle Theme.

Before, it would take up to two weeks, four times a year for our staff to create reports. Staff would have to manually go into every single teacher’s course and look at their progress. The Moodle Reports that Lambda’s development team designed does it automatically!

Download the full case study from Lambda Solutions here

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