Create interactive reports with new and dynamic graphs in Moodle 3.2

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The creation of a brand new graph library in Moodle 3.2 allows users to generate advanced and interactive reports with ease.

In Moodle 3.2, graphs and charts are interactive, dynamic and responsive to your device, scaling to fit your screen.

Chart.js has been chosen for the next generation graph API backend because of its clean-cut aesthetics and responsive scaling to screen size.

Here are some of the functionalities you would want to know about the brand new graph library:

Graph and charts available for more activities

Moodle 3.2’s new graph and charts allow users to view class results, attendance, surveys and reports.

More accessible

There is an accessibility option of viewing graph information in a summarised list format for those that can’t distinguish values displayed on graphs.

The display of graphs in 3.2 is far more visually pleasing and interactive. When a user hovers their mouse over variables in a graph it displays the summarised information in a tooltip. Again, data is also presented in a table for accessibility.

The graph colours have also been hard coded for accessibility.

Core and new graph library available

Furthermore, all the charts which are currently available in core will be integrated into the new Moodle 3.2 graph library.

  • To preview the brand new graph library and how it all works in Moodle 3.2, view our explainer video below.
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