Easily specify assignment and workshop submissions format with a file type list.

November 17, 2017 By

Moodlers, we are continuing with our showcase of improvements in the Moodle 3.4 new major release.
One of the usability improvements we have included is the ability for educators to see and select a list of suggested file types that they would like their learners to use when uploading assignments and workshop submissions.

When selecting the type of files learners are allowed to upload in Moodle 3.4, educators will see a “choose” button, offering a helpful list of selections such as audio files, HTML files, document files and more.

In the image below, a teacher is creating an assignment for a group project. To select what format they would like their learners to submit work in, the teacher must click the “choose” button.

Then, from the “accepted file types” window, the teacher will locate the document files and make their selection.

It is here that a teacher can decide if they want to accept all file types, or they can expand the link to choose file types they will accept, for example PDF and Word documents.

The click box format enable teachers to quickly make their selections from a number of different combinations to suit their learning objectives.

This list of file types is also available for teachers when they are setting up workshop activities.

Do you want more information and see this improvement being used step by step in a Moodle 3.4 site?

Watch our release highlight video:

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