The Remote Working Toolbox: off-the-shelf free courses to strengthen your remote team

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In 2020, Covid-19 has accelerated technological and social changes on a global scale. Organisations worldwide have had to quickly adapt to a new way of teaching, working and collaborating fully online, and many strive to meet the needs of their now remote teams. 

If your organisation is new to an LMS, you may be facing a double-ended challenge – on one hand, the scarcity of ready-to-go content and on the other, the lack of preparation and experience when it comes to sharing knowledge, managing or motivating your staff while working remotely.

Does all this resonate with you? Then eCreators’ ‘Weekly Remote Working Toolbox’ set of free courses is a perfect fit for your institution.


Get help to transition to a remote working environment

With 14  years of experience helping organisations with eLearning projects, eCreators have leveraged their expertise in the industry to create this set of courses, which address the most common needs and trending challenges that companies are facing when shifting to fully remote work.

By covering these hot topics, the ‘Weekly Remote Working Toolbox’ will give you and your team skills to collaborate and work online more effectively, while also helping you in your professional development. From improving time management to practising divergent thinking or identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you can learn transferable skills that you’ll be able to use throughout your career.


Off-the-shelf courses you can install in your LMS

The ‘Weekly Remote Working Toolbox’ courses are not only complimentary, but they are ready for you to download and easily install into your existing Learning Management System. Because they come as SCORM Packages, you’ll be able to add them to your LMS, whether it’s Moodle or a different one. 

Adding this relevant content to your LMS will enable you to engage your team in using it and collaborating with each other, while also turning your platform into a hub for knowledge sharing; that is, fostering a new company culture of remote learning.


Professional development across organisations should be ongoing and not just an afterthought. Many organisations are finding ways to motivate and develop their employees. The team at eCreators have a view that we’d like to help people develop – to come out of COVID better and more informed than when they came in” says Dean Saunders, Founder & CEO, eCreators

We’re creating one module per week for the next 25 weeks on a range of trending topics that organisations are currently searching for. This will give organisations a useful, curated and uniform library of courses that they can make use of for years to come. They range from topics such as communication skills, through to negotiation, handling stress and the like. They come at no cost and are a great way to beef up your library, further extending the use of your LMS as a centre of knowledge. We hope you enjoy them and find them useful.


On offer until the end of 2020, eCreators will be releasing one new module every Friday, so that at the end of the year you’ll have a complete Toolkit with 25 curated content for your organisation.

Each module will be available for a week only, so see upcoming modules and sign up for them today

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