eDaktik becomes Moodle Premium Certified Partner in Austria

March 26, 2024 By Moodle

eDaktik, a leading provider of Moodle services in Austria, has achieved the Moodle Premium Certified Partner status. This achievement signifies eDaktik’s commitment to delivering exceptional, secure, and sustainable eLearning solutions. As a Moodle Premium Certified Partner, eDaktik can now directly offer Moodle Workplace, further empowering organisations to create dynamic workplace learning environments.

“We are thrilled to be recognised as a Moodle Premium Certified Partner,” says Andreas Hruska, CEO of eDaktik. “This validates our commitment to providing sustainable and effective learning solutions that empower people to excel. Since 2003, we have been at the forefront of eLearning in Austria, and this partnership strengthens our ability to deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

The pandemic has significantly impacted the Austrian workplace, with employees putting more emphasis on work-life balance, flexibility, and continuous learning opportunities. Online learning addresses these needs by offering convenient and adaptable learning experiences that cater to the rapidly changing skill requirements of the workforce.

One of their most prominent clients, Axonlab AG, a company with a strong focus on compliance and diverse user needs, benefitted from eDaktik’s full suite of Moodle services. This included hosting, consulting, training, design, and ongoing support.  eDaktik assisted Axonlab in ensuring compliance with international regulations for their Moodle instances. Additionally, eDaktik enhanced the instances by providing extensive reporting capabilities and optimising them to cater to diverse user groups. 

Another client, The Austrian Chamber of Commerce Federal Committee for Vehicle Trade, faced the challenge of migrating its learning management platform from a proprietary system to Moodle. eDaktik provided a comprehensive solution, including the migration itself, as well as hosting, consulting, training, design, and ongoing support. Considering the mobile-first needs of their target audience, vehicle trade apprentices in Austria, eDaktik ensured the platform was optimised for mobile devices.

About eDaktik

Founded in 2003, eDaktik is a full-service eLearning provider with extensive expertise in technology, didactics, and organisational development. The company offers a complete range of services to support Moodle projects, from initial consultation and process mapping to hosting, design, training, software development, and ongoing support.

For more information, you can visit eDaktik’s website and LinkedIn page.