Ingenium digital learning becomes the latest addition to the Certified Network of Moodle Partners

July 28, 2020 By Abby Fry

Moodle is proud to announce Ingenium digital learning as the newest Certified Moodle Partner in France, strengthening its presence in the European market.

Founded in 2003 and becoming a Business Unit at Normandy Business School in 2016, Ingenium digital learning is organised and centred around engineering and multimedia. It is dedicated to web development, including the Moodle platform.

Selecting the Moodle platform in 2013, Ingenium digital learning offers its customers a sustainable, scalable and open service for customization and custom integration.

Joining the Certified Moodle Partner network is a recognition of Ingenium digital learning’s expertise and a lever to offer new customers their know-how in Moodle instance deployment and specific developments.

“Open-source is an integral part of Ingenium digital learning’s DNA. The Moodle partnership is a great opportunity for us to collaborate with the community, propose solutions, and meet the expectations of users: strengthen collaboration, trainer exchange, and adaptive learning”. – Claire Bernagaud, Director, Ingenium digital learning.

Ingenium digital learning has demonstrated experience in the development of specific course formats for MOOCS, graphical customisations and connecting complex business environments for large corporate organisations using Moodle.

This Partners’ clients include companies and public institutions, plus training centers and initial training institutions (secondary and higher education), notably Lefebvre Sarrut Group, University of Montpellier (Nexus), AFD/World Bank, CFPB (training centre for banking professionals), CFAs, Chambers of Trade and Engineering and Management Schools.

“We’re extremely happy to welcome Ingenium digital learning to the Certified Moodle Partner ecosystem. Considered to be among the top 5 worldwide education markets, Ingenium digital learning will become an asset to the Moodle brand as they extend its reach throughout France”. – Jose Marcos Lopez-Rios, EMEA Channel Manager, Moodle.

About the Partner
As a 360° digital expert since 2003, Ingenium digital learning supports organisations and training institutions toward the hosting, maintenance, deployment and enhancement of their Moodle platform.

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