A Moodle Certified Service Provider since July 2020, Ingenium digital learning has recently acquired Le Mans based LearnaTech, a long-standing competitor to Ingenium in the digital learning sector.  

Ingenium digital learning was founded in Caen in 2003 and specialises in the design of digital training systems across Normandy and France. An EM Normandie business unit, Ingenium has a staff of 17 people contributing to its development and in September 2021 became a simplified joint-stock company with a single shareholder (SASU). 

“This change in status means there are now more options at our disposal for developing our business. Digital training is a booming sector and our ambition is to become a major stakeholder in this market within the next three years. LearnaTech has been an expert in the digital learning sector for over ten years and is one of our longest-standing partners. We, therefore, decided to buy the company to bolster our own capabilities to meet our clients’ requirements and to expand our expertise,” says Claire Bernagaud, Managing Director of Ingenium digital learning. 

LearnaTech, which was founded in Le Mans in 2011, helps teaching staff roll out digital learning and provides services in consulting and training, installing Moodle platforms and  educational engineering. Its specialist services, client profile and geographical regions are complementary to Ingenium digital learning.  The company currently employs 6 people and is mainly active in western France, working with training bodies from apprentice training centres to corporate training departments.

Thanks to the acquisition, Ingenium digital learning will be able to consolidate its web development hub based on the Moodle training platform, which has been a strategic growth lever for the past two years.  It will also be able to structure its consulting and training branch due to the Qualiopi certification awarded to  LearnaTech in September 2021. 

“The LearnaTech team is happy to join Ingenium digital learning to work together on the development of a whole range of new digital products. This merger is an encouragement for all of us and will give Ingenium digital learning the resources to offer products and services that are even more innovative, and to continue to hone and share our expertise”, explains Frédéric Labussière,  the new  Director of  Consulting and  Training at Ingenium  digital learning.

Ingenium digital learning’s clients include companies, public institutions, training centres and training institutions (secondary and higher education), notably Lefebvre Sarrut Group, University of Montpellier (Nexus), AFD/World Bank, CFPB (training centre for banking professionals), CFAs, Chambers of Trade and Engineering and Management Schools.


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As a 360° digital expert since 2003, Ingenium digital learning supports organisations and training institutions toward the hosting, maintenance, deployment and enhancement of their Moodle platform.

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