Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Moodle!

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Today, March 8, marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

International Women’s Day is also an acknowledgement of women’s role in the ongoing pursuit of worldwide equality.

All members of our global Moodle community are vital in helping us achieve our mission of empowering educators!

This International Women’s Day, we would like to celebrate by highlighting some of our fellow Moodlers who are working together to advance our mission to empower educators to improve our world and essentially work to #PressForProgress.

Let’s jump right in and start with the people at Moodle HQ:

Mary Cooch
Community Educator & Moodle Fairy

Mary is most notably recognised for her work in our community sites. She is a prominent ingredient to the success of Learn Moodle MOOCs. She is also a regular contributor in our tracker to assist and advise our community.

What most people don’t know is that Mary is also “the voice of Moodle,” narrating the Learn Moodle and our major release videos.

Find out more about Mary and Moodle.

Barbara Romero
Senior Web Designer in User Experience.

Barbara taught college students for almost a decade before beginning work with Moodle six years ago.

When asked why she decided to work for Moodle she says: “The choice was simple. Rather than teaching or working on the content of courses, I wanted to be involved at the core. Working on the Moodle software would allow me to get my hands on the means to deliver the content, rather than the content itself.”

Read more about Barbara’s role in improving Moodle UX.

Marina Glancy
Process Development Coordinator

Marina Glancy is the Process Development Manager at Moodle HQ, based in Perth, Australia.

In her role, she is responsible for Moodle’s release schedule, security issues and updates and leads a team that works on maintaining stable versions of Moodle.

Marina has a MSc degree in Computer Science from St.Petersburg Polytechnic University. She has been with Moodle HQ for several years and has a life-long passion for open-source software.

Over the previous weeks we have also shared the stories of Moodlers in our community through our Moodlers Monday and MoodleMoot posts, who inspire and empower us and others:

Jill Lyall
Learning Designer, Australian National University (ANU)

Since early 2015, Jill has been working on a range of projects with Moodle for ANU online. These include helping to create online materials for post graduate courses and creating support and training resources in technology enhanced learning for academics at the university.

Jill describes the main aspect of her role as ensuring “that all users, students and staff, have a positive user experience within this online learning environment.”

Read more.

Rebecca Barrington
Head of e-Learning and Innovation at The Cornwall College Group

Rebecca is a regular face at MoodleMoots in UK & Ireland, having been to five Moots to date!

As a passionate Moodler, Rebecca attends Moots around UK and Ireland to:
Be proud of Moodle project;
Share experience of some of the ‘easy to use’ functions of Moodle that can sometimes get overlooked (or things that others have asked me about in the past).

Get to know MoodleMoot UK & Ireland with Rebecca this International Women’s Day.

Read more

Aurelie Soulier
Learning Technologist, Cranfield University

How can Moodle be used as a solution to deliver an institution-wide managed learning pathway within a community of researchers?

Well one amazing Moodler, Aurelie Soulier shares with us her work and that of her fellow Moodlers.

Inspirational projects that help to empower our educators are just some of the ways that our Moodlers help to #PressForProgress daily in a multifaceted way.

Read more

Are you or do you know of a Moodler who is doing remarkable things to help us achieve our mission or in line with the goals of International Women’s Day? Contact Moodle HQ today.

We want to hear and share their remarkable stories. Watch this space for more amazing Moodlers every day of the year!

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